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Sbal Family

This is Why We Home School

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Families homeschool for a better education and to strengthen family ties but chief among the reasons may be keeping God at the center of their lives.
Here’s the place for Seton families to share

In 25 words or less, tell us why you homeschool.


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your favorite reason for homeschooling and your family’s photo too! A great way to build community and inspire other families.

Lindsay Sibal

To Emphasize family unity amidst the challenges of military life

Homschooling keeps our faith at the heart of everything our son learns, but it also helps us emphasize family unity amidst the challenges of military life. We had continuity even during an overseas move and can explore new places without concern for school absences. Seton has truly blessed our family.  – The Sibal Family | October 2019 online Seton Magazine



Nelson Family

To Give Our Children One-on-One Attention


We homeschool because my husband is a public school teacher. He knows kids learn better with one-on-one instruction and nothing provides that more than homeschooling. We chose Seton because of the structure. I was nervous to begin the journey and there is no guesswork with Seton. They give me what we need and I know my children are receiving a quality Catholic education.  – The Nelson Family | September – October 2019


July August 2019 image1

To Grow Stronger as a Family

Homeschooling with Seton Home Study School is a major blessing to our family. It has allowed us the freedom to grow stronger as a family and deepen our knowledge and love for our Catholic Faith. Our children appreciate the chances homeschooling provides them for their hobbies after their academic work is done. – Jerry and Abigail Ahrens | July-August 2019


For Flexibility and Academic Growth

We started homeschooling because of Sophia’s health issues. We chose Seton because of the solid Catholic values and amazing curriculum.  We continue to homeschool because of the flexibility and how much she’s grown academically. – Susan von Stultz | May-June 2019

Meyerchildoutside (1)

To Focus on Real Learning

We homeschool so that my SPD son can focus on real learning and not just how to manage his symptoms.

We also love that our children’s physical and mental well-being is improved from working in natural light and fresh air. In fact, our entire State has become their classroom, filled with museums, parks, and travel. – Elizabeth Meyer |March-April 2019

Bravata girls

To Develop a Love for Learning

A lot of people ask: why do we homeschool? Is it the academics? Faith? Values? Safety? Yes, it is all of these, but most importantly, it is teaching our children “how” to learn and to develop a love for it. The children are safe and secure…which leads to confidence and an eagerness to learn. –  Jennifer Bravata | January-February 2019

Veronica Wilson - family2

To Keep God in Our School

When our youngest, Cash, attended kindergarten at a public school, he struggled with the idea of not sharing what he knew about God. One time he came home and asked, “Why can’t I talk about Advent in school, Mommy?”

What I love most about homeschooling is the opportunity to teach Cash about God along with all of the other subjects. – Veronica Wilson | November-December 2018


To Make Time for God and Family

We homeschool to build better relationships with God and family. To do that, one must have time which homeschooling provides us. I closely guard the white space in my calendar to afford my children the opportunity to be children for as long as possible. – Mary Ellen Barrett | September-October 2018


Carissa Braun headshot-edit

To Keep Jesus at the Center of our Lives 

I was homeschooled growing up, and I want to pass this treasured experience to my children.

Growing up, we moved at our own pace, went to daily Mass, and learned to maintain a household full of small children. We learned to be flexible and adaptable all the while finding joy. We also had a pajama day! Most of all, Jesus and His Catholic Church were at the center of our lives.  – Carissa Braun | July-August, 2018


To Trust in God’s Schedule

Last week my four-year-old daughter asked me, “Mom, can you teach me how to read?” I smiled and said, “Yes.” I know I can because He will help me. Maybe she’ll learn quickly, maybe it’ll be a long arduous struggle over the years. It doesn’t matter. She’ll learn. And she’ll learn on God’s schedule, not mine. His is the best schedule to ensure our path to heaven. – Rebekah Morse | May-June, 2018


For the High-Quality Education

I am a Seton graduate, and my daughter Kristen continues our Seton legacy! We love the high-quality education, flexibility, efficiency, accreditation, and Catholic identity that Seton provides. On a recent road trip, we stopped by the Seton office for a tour and had the honor of meeting Dr. Clark. – Nicole Early | April 2018

Here’s the place to share

In 25 words or less, tell us why you homeschool.


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your favorite reason for homeschooling and your family’s photo too!

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