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The Article Formatting Guide

Seton Magazine Formatting Guide
Please use these guidelines to format your article into a standardized use of font, double spacing and indentation, with page numbers and author title included.

Here are the formatting guidelines we request:

Your Information

  • Include your name under the title of your article.
  • If you can, insert the total page number and current page number in the header.


  • Double space your sentence lines – don’t press ‘Enter’ between each line. If you’re unsure, how to do that, click here.
  • Add an extra hard return between each paragraph.
  • No indentation required of the first sentence.
  • Number your headings and bold them.

Font Style:

  • Font family: Georgia
  • Size: 12.
  • Color: black.

Special Notes:

  • Avoid any special formatting – colors, layout. To accentuate something, use italics.
  • Don’t type sentence text in CAPS, unless it is an acronym.
  • Upload any photos through the submissions form. Don’t include them in your document.

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