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Emily Molitor

Emily Molitor

Author Bio

Author Bio


Hello, I’m Emily, and I am a stay at home mother who seeks to reflect on the eternal meaning found in the present moment. I believe that living life to the fullest involves living with virtue and with a spirit of gratitude.

I strive to discover deeper fulfillment in my vocation through cultivating a spirit of hope and joy within my heart and within the walls of my home. I am the mother of two beautiful daughters, Monica and Mary Clare, and wife to my husband Joe. After graduating from Christendom College, I enjoyed teaching elementary school for four years.

We now reside in rural Indiana where we plan to homeschool our children, and spend our days living the good life with family and friends. We enjoy reading great books, working in our garden, appreciating music and good food!

I yearn to share with others the impact that the Catholic faith, a classical education, and deep personal relationships have made in my life.

I believe that when we keep our eyes fixed heavenward, we discover profound meaning and importance hidden within every moment of our lives.

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