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Download Entry Form

Seton Entry Form

If you are under 18, we are required to have your parent or guardian sign a release form for your submission.

All we ask for is your name, contact information and the title of  your article.

Please include this entry form with each article or contest submission you make to Seton.

How to Fill it Out

When you download this pdf, you will be able to fill it in digitally. You can also include your signature at the end.

Visit this page here for help on digitally signing your pdf.

If you’re unable to do that, you can print it out and fill it in by hand.

Then you can either scan it in, or take a photo of it to send to us. Please ensure that the writing is clear and legible.

How to Submit

In our contact forms, we have included a section for you to upload your form. Please send it to us as a pdf, or if you printed it, then a scanned image.

Download this pdf and save it to your computer. You can ‘right-click’ to save it locally.

Download Here

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