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Pray with us...

Pray with us...

Every day at Seton, gathered before the altar at our noontime Angelus, we offer prayers for our families and friends. We are all united in the Communion of Saints, and God allows us through our prayers to uphold, support, and console other members of His Church.

Let us, then, remember to pray for one another as we all walk the path of homeschooling, so that we may all join together in prayer, one day, in Heaven.

Share your prayer request below.  There are no limits to the number of requests you can post.

We encourage you also to pray for other homeschooling families, especially those who may be suffering from illness, unemployment, or other crosses.

“Have no anxiety about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” Phil 4:6 RSV

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  1. For a friend and fellow Seton family, prayers for a weary, overwhelmed
    mom, her sick boys, and her hard working hubby. They really do need a
    blanket of peace. Thank you.

  2. Petra Elisabeth

    for my family and that my husband get’s the job we applied for.

  3. Please pray for us as we move to the Dc area to find a house that is affordable. Please pray for my children’s well being as they adjust.

  4. Robin Thibodeaux High

    Please pray for my husband Richard, for his healing and conversion. And that God will guide me as I try to be everything to my children as a single homeschooling mom. That He will fill us with His Holy Spirit and make us a light to the nations. Amen.

  5. We are a family from South America that homeschooling our 3 children in the heart of our Lord and his Church. We use to pray for all the families that are educating at home. We know that if our Lord ask something to us, He will give us what we need, so that, We want to ask you to pray for our enrollment on the Seton Home Study School, because we saw that it is a good option to us, and we are collecting all the money to the fees.
    We will be praying too for all the Seton families community and we will be united in the heart of Jesus and Mary.

  6. For my 13 year old daughter who is extremely lonely. May she be graced with a friend and grow to rely on our Lord.

    • You are both in my prayers!
      +God bless

    • Lonliness of teenage girls aer very common.
      I will continue in prayer for your daughter.
      My son is beginning to feel this a bit, and he is only 11.
      Some homeschoolers are so rigid in what they believe. I is hard to find people who are not afraid to still spread the faith, attend Mass daily , like we do, but make friends outside our religion. Some homeschoolers are not acepting if you are different in any way. This keeps me back sometimes from having my son play with other local homeschoolers because they are so rigid,and judgermental of even what are kids should be allowed to join in the secular community. Even like a marital arts hobby, was judged as to violent for a talent show talent in y homeschool community.

  7. Please pray that our house will sell very soon – and for blessings on our new community.

  8. Please pray for my husband’s healing and my children’s first year of home school experience. Thank you.

  9. Please pray for my good friend, Libia. May the Lord fill her and her home with peace and love. Also pray for Giovana. Her husband does not accept her pregnancy and wants her to have an abortion. Pls. pray that she stays strong in her faith and may she continue to grow in her relationship with the Lord. Pls. pray that her husband opens his mind and his heart and accepts the blessing of another child. May his words change from abusive to kindness. Thank you very much. God bless you all.

  10. Please pray that I may find direction, an end to my loneliness, friendships that last, and an answer to who and why God put me on this earth.

  11. Please Pray for my daughters acceptance into a good college where she may grow in holiness and find a good friend or two.

  12. For Mark that he will allow the grace of God to flood his soul as he begins to rebuild his life. That God will let him know the incredible plan that He has for his life, and that he will have to courage to face and conquer his addictions.

  13. Please pray for me that my cancer is cured. I have two little boys that I would love to educate at home for our Lord. Please pray that will be able to. Thank you, many blessings!

  14. please pray for my co worker and her husband who are trying to have a baby. May they see the many options available if they are not blessed with one of their own.

  15. for the repose of the soul of my 63 year old father Terri Cowan. For my family that we may nicely adjust to our new home. For my newborn son Thomas John.

  16. Please pray for us, who wishing for a child and were not able to conceive. Its been our 12th inferility year. Thank you.

  17. Please pray for my brother-in-law’s sister. She has cancer. I’m imploring Ven. Maria Teresa Quevedo.

  18. Please pray for my husband, S, for his conversion in several areas of the Catholic faith and that of our family’s homeschooling efforts. Pray that I will have the clarity I need to realize what it is that God wants for our family, and then to have the perseverance to fulfill His plan. Thank you.

  19. Please pray for all of us here in the Philippines that God may protect us from typhoon Yolanda..

  20. Please pray for motivation and renewed enthusiasm for homeschooling, after several setbacks (family loss, moving, husband’s new job, and pregnancy) I am struggling to start our schooling again. Also, please pray for relief, or at least the ability to embrace, a difficult pregnancy. Thank you, and I’ll pray for our fellow homeschooling families AND for Seton staff!

  21. Please say a prayer for my family for peace this Christmas. I ask especially that God may grant His peace and comfort to all of us, particularly my Aunt and Grandmother as we deal with the loss of my precious Grandfather. I also pray for my overworked Dad, that he may find peace and joy amid his trials and may be a source of Grace to those around him in his office. Thank you so much! +God bless you MPR

  22. Please pray for my husband and I to have more children. We are thankful to the Lord for blessing us with our 4 yr old daughter. We only wish and hope to have many more children. Please remember our family in your prayers.

  23. I need a lot of prayers for me and my two children. My husband the father of our two kids is going to leave us here without any financial support. He wants to live the American dream and is not willing to take care of his wife of 15 years and his two kids I don’t know how to survive, I have no job no income no nothing, I am trying to find something as quick as possible but in the meantime I do not know how to put food on the table or to safe the roof over our heads since he does not pay for that anymore. We are living in Europe and he is going to the states where nobody cant touch him he said and we are left to fend for ourselves here he said. I am hurt I don’t even have money for milk, we are out of milk and almost out of everything. Don’t know how to go on and how to do this alone, cannot even afford a lawyer or anything. He took everything away from me and our kids. Please pray for me that I will find a way somehow, that I will find a job and that I will find a way to feed my kids and keep our roof until I have a job. Thank you all and God bless!

    • Dear Elisabeth,
      You are in my prayers. In the meantime, I ask that you pray to Saint Philomena, the Little Thamaturga, that she will help you, as well as our Mother Mary, of course. Saint Philomena helps those who find themsevles in situations such as yours. Nothing is too small for Saint Philomena!
      +God bless you
      Marie Philomena

  24. Please pray for my family for continuous conversion and sanctification and for God’s grace to homeschool our daughter L. Come Holy Spirit fill the hearts of Your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love. Amen.

  25. Please pray that my nieces and younger sisters acquire the virtue of modesty in dress and pray that I or someone in their lives have the courage to speak up so that they may learn some boundaries in how they dress.

  26. Please pray for our family…many needed prayers, work, finance, school, health. Thank you

  27. Adjusting our budget in hopes of getting our children out of public school and start home schooling using the Seton program. Please pray for financial wisdom. God bless you and thank you.

  28. Carmen F. De Sousa

    If I may….please say a little prayer for me who finds is difficult to teach feeling tired all the time and dealing with ADD and a son with ADHD. May the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary help me to home school with the symptoms that I have to deal with and a son that can not focus well. That we (family of 5) may be the Happy, Holy, Healthy family God call us to be. Thank you !!

  29. Prayer needed please continue to pray….many familyissues thankyou….

  30. The Hewlett Family

    Please pray for our sister, who has left the Church

  31. Jade Vargas-Pulido

    Please pray for us as we find our strength in these our days of financial difficulties. Also pray for us as we are about to move to another part of the city to lower our cost of living. And finally pray for us as we find the courage, wisdom and strength of spirit to homeschool our children this coming year as it is our only option here in Taipei Taiwan. It was either that or watch our entire life savings on primary international schools which had already done a substantial blow to our finances lately.

  32. One of my friends messed up his knee in a ski accident, and it’s been getting worse. Anyway, I got some recent news, and it’s soooo much worse than I thought. We knew that he might need surgery, but it turns out he’ll need total knee reconstruction! And then he’ll have nine months of rehab before he can even walk again! I know him through gymnastics, and if he can’t even walk for nine months, I doubt he’ll be back at gym for at least a year. If you do or have ever done competitive gymnastics, you’ll know how hard that is. All your work goes down the drain. I would just die in that situation. And the worst part is this: he’s only nine or ten years old. Poor kid. I feel so sorry for him :*( Anyway, please pray! Thanks!

  33. Home schooling is best. prayers to all homeschooling

  34. Need prayers for familia

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