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‘The Christmas Star’, A Poem from the Bracy Family

‘The Christmas Star’, A Poem from the Bracy Family

As I clasp my hands together and pray,
I closed my eyes and wish that today,
Will bring forth good memories.
From Christmas days I’ve celebrated,
Not so long ago–as a child.

As the Christmas music begins to play,
It suddenly feels just like yesterday,
A bright Christmas Tree, sparkling with lights..
Both big and small colored baubles,
Capturing my heart’s delight!
At the top of the tree, there shines a star,
Signifying God’s guidance
And His love from afar.

Beneath the tree,
Mysterious presents await.
Curious children, who did their best,
To keep themselves awake till late!
Hoping to catch a glimpse,
Of a jolly old man, they were told.

As we opened the gifts,
With the people we hold most dear,
We must always remember our God most sincere.
This same God in His love,
Gave us His only Son, Jesus, from above,
That all folks, in all nations, may see
True light, which leads to eternity!

Merry Christmas!

The Bracy family were featured in the October 2013 Issue of Seton Magazine: ‘For Love of Them’

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