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3 Apps Every Catholic Should Know About (And Get!)

3 Apps Every Catholic Should Know About (And Get!)

Want the latest news from Pope Francis or the Vatican? Ever have a question about a prayer or response said in the liturgy or the significance or historical development of a practice in the Mass? Would you like to have Catholic documents, teachings, writings, prayers, and liturgical calendars at your fingertips?

Here are three mobile apps that will give you all of that and more!

1. Missio



Launched by Pope Francis and created by the Pontifical Mission Societies, MISSIO is the perfect Catholic app for staying up-to-date on the latest Catholic news from the Vatican and around the world. With daily news reports and videos, users will find out about the latest happenings of the global Catholic Church, anywhere, anytime.

Designed for Catholics and non-Catholics alike, the app makes a wonderful companion to one’s spiritual life.


  • Global launch by Pope Francis – he will personally bestow his blessing and unlock the app for worldwide use.
  • Sources are FIDES, international news agency of the Pontifical Mission Societies, and the Vatican News Agency (
  • Streaming video from Catholic News Service and Vatican News Agency.

2. The Mass Explained



The MassExplained app is a comprehensive multimedia learning experience focused on the Roman Catholic Mass. It is totally approachable and thoroughly entertaining!


Hundreds of photos, drawings, charts and graphs provide a visually stunning experience. But the MassExplained goes way beyond that with a multisensory experience only possible on your iPad:

  • Immersive panoramas
  • Virtual 3D objects
  • Inspiring slideshows
  • Interactive maps
  • Haunting audio
  • Enlightening video
  • Scalable images

The MassExplained app explores the roots of each section of the Mass. It is packed with scriptural references, quotes from the Church Fathers, the Catechism, councils and encyclicals.

3. iPieta



iPieta contains Catholic documents, teachings, writings, prayers, and liturgical calendars. With the iPieta App, these Catholic Treasures are readily available, at home or on the go, for teaching, on the spot apologetics, and for the benefit of your own soul and those around you.

(iPieta Español is a similar, but different, App available for Spanish speakers.)


  • Bibles: Douay-Rheims, Clementine Vulgate (Catholic and public domain; note that Psalms are COMPLETE but numbered as in the Vulgate).
  • Baltimore Catechisms #1-3 (original); the Cat. of Christian Doctrine, the Roman Catechism, and the Cat. of St. Thomas Aquinas.
  • Both the Ordinary (Novus Ordo) and Extraordinary (Tridentine) Calendars with access to the day’s Gospel and Reading(s) from the Douay-Rheims & Vulgate.
  • Numerous devotions and prayers, including 33-Day Total Consecration Preparation, Novena to the Holy Spirit, St. Alphonsus Stations of the Cross, and the St. Bridget 1-Year and 12-Year Prayers.
  • Spiritual works from authors including St. Louis Marie de Montfort, St. Teresa of Jesus, St. John of the Cross, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Thomas Aquinas (Summa and Catena), St. Francis deSales, and St. Jean-Marie Vianney.
  • Papal Encyclicals and Conciliar Documents
  • Fathers of the Church (Erdman’s collection)
  • Misc: Scripture for the Holy Rosary, Examination of Conscience, 1894 Butler Saint of the Day

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