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Final Academic Preparations

Final Academic Preparations

You’ve finally just about completed everything for your long-anticipated diploma.  There is still the fourth quarter Government test, one English essay, and a Religion test.  Summer is just around the corner.  The weather is beautiful.  Your friends want you to join them for a good hike or a pick-up baseball game.  Why not relax a bit?  DON’T DO IT!!

The Seton curriculum is challenging.  The end of your high school career might find you tired and in a mood to “just get through” without much regard for the quality of your work.  The Senior Slump is a common disease, but it can have serious effects on your whole attitude toward academic pursuits.  Giving in to it opens the door to a myriad of bad study habits which may make college much more difficult than it needs to be.

Sometimes Seton Seniors find themselves scrambling to complete their work at the end of the summer while juggling their final preparation for college.  In such a situation, it is all too easy to produce mediocre work or to miss important details in preparing to leave home.  A far better plan is to make certain that all your Seton work is complete before going on that hike or playing baseball.  You will enjoy your play a great deal more when you know that there is no longer any unfinished Seton business hanging over your head.  You are much more likely to cover all your bases in preparing for college, too.

The end of Senior year might be the worst possible time to “just get through!”

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