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Make Yourself Irresistible to Colleges

Make Yourself Irresistible to Colleges

Choosing a college involves forming a relationship with the institution. You will be spending a significant part of your life in this relationship. Obviously, you want to like your college. There is another side to the question, though. In order to be accepted at the college, the school must like you, too!

Grades and entrance exams are important for acceptance, but admissions committees look for other characteristics as well. A student who displays a wide range of interests and achievements has a definite advantage. Seton students have great opportunities for developing a fascinating resumé.

Working with their flexible schedule, Seton students have accomplished amazing things. Missionary work, volunteering at pregnancy centers and political campaigns, coaching youth sports teams, tutoring, internships with veterinarians, professional music, solving the mystery of why some cattle breeds die in North America, developing a new medical use for snake venom, breeding show horses: most high school students can’t even dream of such feats! Colleges seeing such extracurricular activity will have bidding wars for these students.

The general rule of thumb is this: take every opportunity you have to try a variety of activities. Even if you don’t care for some, at the very least you will have beneficial learning experiences. Some should lead to life-long hobbies or even a career!

When speaking to colleges, you will have a great deal to say about many interesting topics. You will intrigue them. You will amaze them. You really will be irresistible to them!

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