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Making the Break: Dealing with Homesickness

Making the Break: Dealing with Homesickness

Suddenly it hits you:  within a very few weeks, for the first time in your life, you are going to be more or less on your own, away from your family and in a totally new and unfamiliar situation.  The normal reaction is a curious mixture of exhilaration and terror.  Just how does one survive life without immediate family support?

Most colleges are all too familiar with various forms of emotional meltdown on the part of homesick students.  Very often, major changes in life situations do bring about a difficult period of adjustment.  But there are ways to mitigate the effects and maintain dignity and sanity.

First, immediately contact the Catholic chaplain and become familiar with the programs offered by the Church on the campus.  Without spiritual support, you will be certain to flounder in short order.  Use the Catholic presence as a means to find plenty of like-minded and spiritually compatible friends.

Second, stay busy.  Put lots of time and effort into your studies, of course, but also make certain that you take advantage of extracurricular sports and entertainment.  Leave yourself little time to realize how much you miss your family.

Third, stay in contact with your family!  Even if they are hundreds of miles away, there are several interesting modern inventions called the telephone, email, post office and Facebook which allow for easy access to virtually anyone.  When loneliness starts to rear its ugly head, give a ring to younger sis or Mom and Dad.  They will be delighted to hear from you.

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