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The Application, The Essay, and Recommendations

The Application, The Essay, and Recommendations

College applications can be rather intimidating documents. Students may be confronted with pages upon pages of questions not only about academics, but about family circumstances, attitudes about life, accomplishments outside of school, and other seemingly irrelevant matters. Don’t be disheartened; simply take the application piece by piece in an orderly fashion and soon it will be finished.

One area of concern is the essay which many colleges require. Seton students should not be worried about this; you have been well-trained in the art of writing! The concern arises not in how to write, but in what to say. Some colleges actually give a topic, others ask you to write on any subject of interest. In either case, be direct in your comments and honest in presenting your ideas. The college is looking for students who can express their opinions in a logical, well-organized fashion. What you say is generally of less importance than how you say it, your opinion of less concern than the coherence of your essay.

In seeking recommendations, you should ask people who are personally familiar with your academic progress and your character. Tutors, pastors, coaches, and family friends are often good choices. Seton can provide recommendations, but they are necessarily a bit generic since usually we are not personally acquainted with students.

The transcript is indispensable to applications. You can order your transcript from Seton’s Parchment link. If there are other questions, please feel free to contact Seton. Guidance Counselors John Thorp and Bob Wiesner can answer your questions.

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