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A Homeschooler's Resolution: Recognize the Sacrifice - Chris Smith

A Homeschooler’s Resolution: Recognize the Sacrifice


Homeschool student resolution: resolve to reflect on your schooling situation and recognize the sacrifice your parents are making by choosing to homeschool.

Years ago when I was but a tiny, pale eighth grader, my parents decided that it would be best for me to attend a boarding school for my high school years.

I fought this with every fiber of my being and held resentment in my heart for a period of time. After all, I would not be able to watch television whenever I wanted, go to the movies with my friends, or drink cases of Mountain Dew until my teeth hurt.

I viewed what they were doing as a punishment for which I would never forgive them. Fortunately, eighth graders mature into functioning adults (generally), and I later came to realize that what my parents did for me was not only the best thing that ever happened to me but an intense sacrifice which I only fully understood having children of my own.

I think many homeschooled students can feel this way sometimes. After all, homeschooling takes a maturity, and a discipline not necessarily required of students at brick and mortar schools, and some students feel this as an undue burden.

When we are young, there is a tendency to focus only on our own problems and believe that everything is working against us. I assure you, this is not the case.

In this New Year, every student should take the time to reflect on his or her schooling situation and recognize the sacrifice parents are making by choosing to homeschool.

I can guarantee that it would be easier and more economical for your parents to ship every student off to public school and let the chips fall where they may.

But your parents have chosen to take a harder path for the sake of your formation as a total person, to protect and develop your body and soul as Christians. This is not a popular decision in the modern world, and many families have felt persecution from family and friends for choosing the narrow path. But it is a choice made out of love.

So the next time you are feeling frustrated and gazing longingly towards the “greener grass” of attending a brick and mortar school, remember your parents.

Hopefully, by doing this, you will avoid unnecessary conflict with your family, who have given up a great deal for you to have this educational opportunity. I know that every family is different and we all have our struggles.

We are all in this together, but your parents will always be your greatest advocates and strongest support. Take the time to acknowledge that fact to them and yourself.

Your life will be richer for it.

About Christopher Smith

Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith is the Director of Guidance at Seton. He has an M.A. in National Security and Statecraft from the Institute of World Politics in Washington D.C. He received a B.A. in Philosophy from Christendom College and is currently working on an M.S. in Education from Franciscan University.

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