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10 Videos To Warm Your Heart this Christmas - by John Clark

10 Videos To Warm Your Heart this Christmas

As I finish out my blog posts of 2014, let me just say thanks to all of you who have read and contributed to the success of this blog.

I hope that I have delivered some good news and a little inspiration for your Fridays. I’m always asking others to share my blog, so I guess it’s time to share something with you.

I have assembled a group of inspirational videos that I saw this year. Some are new and some are a few years old, but these are some of the videos that moved me.

These are designed for you to turn down the lights, turn on the Christmas tree, grab some eggnog, and enjoy for about forty minutes. This is a somewhat eclectic mix—some of these are explicitly religious, some are not. In some way, each of these should serve as a reminder of how precious human life is, how precious human love is, and how important we can be to each other.

Note: Please be aware that the following videos are located on sites not run by Seton, so Seton has no control over the content shown on the sites. Parental discretion is advised.

1. Meet Johnny Agar

Johnny is a graduate of Seton Home Study School, Class of 2014 (see their Featured Family story: Running the Good Race). Baseball is a game of fathers and sons. So is life. (12:02 minutes)

10 Videos To Warm Your Heart - by John Clark | Johnny Agar

2. Nobility in Sport

In the midst of competition and the desire to win, we sometimes forget the noble possibilities of sports. And sometimes, people help us remember.

3. One Affecting Life

In case you wondered whether one life could affect many others, wonder no longer.

4. A World Teacher

When I coached baseball, Tom Vander Woude was my boss for two years. He taught me how to be Catholic man, how to be a good father, and how to give of yourself selflessly. He taught me a lot in life. And, in dying, he taught the world.

5. My favorite commercial of the year.

Editor’s note 8-23-2016: This video was removed from its original website.


6. As Cool as It Gets

I’m blessed to call them friends. Shak and Robin Hill are about as cool as cool gets. (7:09)

7. The Gift of Life

What does the gift of life sound like?

8. No words needed.

9. A Hug from the Pope.

10. Giving > Receiving

If it is better to give than receive, someone is about to have a wonderful Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

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John Clark is a homeschooling father, a speechwriter, an online course developer for Seton Home Study School, and a weekly blogger for The National Catholic Register. His latest book is “How to be a Superman Dad in a Kryptonite World, Even When You Can’t Afford a Decent Cape.”
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