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9 Simple Chores to Teach Kids Responsibility - by Pria Luz

9 Simple Chores to Teach Kids Responsibility

Doing household chores does not need to be tiresome work, reserved exclusively for you! Fact is, they provide perfect opportunities to teach even your young children many virtues including perseverance, orderliness, and responsibility. Here are nine simple ways to get these helpful habits started!

1. Putting their things away

All children have their own toys, gadgets and books, and I bet they always leave them anywhere around the house. Even after you return them to their proper places, children never seem to understand the importance of bringing them back.

This endless return-use-leave cycle can only be stopped if you teach them how to be organized and return their things by themselves. Scare them a little that their things will be confiscated for a week if they’re found scattered anywhere, and I’m sure a good habit will be gained.

2. Setting the dining table

While you’re preparing the food, have them set the table when it’s almost time to eat. If your children are still very young, you may ask them only to put out place mats to avoid accidents.

If they’re old enough, letting them carry and set out other kitchenware such as the plates, spoons, and forks is a must.

3. Making their beds

This assignment should be the first thing children accomplish after they wake up in the morning.

Ask them to do it neatly by tucking the sheet around the corners of the mattress and arranging the pillows nicely for the room to look more presentable and comfortable.

4. Taking care of pets

Bathing and feeding the pets may be an easy and fun task for your kids. Not only will they feel happy taking care of the pets, with the playing part that comes with it, but one chore is erased off your list.

5. Gardening

This is another possibly enjoyable job to be assigned to them. Many children have fun taking care of plants or flowers. If they are not particularly enamored of gardening, they may help by simply watering vegetables or even mowing the lawn.

6. Putting away the groceries

What mom doesn’t feel exhausted after grocery shopping? So have your children (who never seem to be exhausted) put the groceries in the cabinets and the refrigerator.

Just make sure that they know the designated places so you can find items later.

7. Putting clean clothes away

Washing and ironing the clothes may be hard for the kids, but they can still help you in a different way. Ask them to fold and put the garments in the proper drawers and closets. You may also ask them to organize their clothing to avoid chaotic piles of crumpled clothes.

8. Dusting and vacuuming

Kids may also be helpful at home by dusting and wiping messy tables and other furniture and ornaments they can reach.

When they are old enough, teach them to use the vacuum.

Cleaning at least one item or area a day can definitely go a long way and ease the burden of housekeeping.

9. Washing dishes

Because cooking may still be dangerous for young kids, washing dishes is a great alternative for their housework contribution. After meals, they may either be the ones who clear the plates or at least help you load the dishwasher.

As the Bible verse Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

With your children helping out, not only will your stress level be reduced and house be cleaner, but the kids will learn and practice good hygiene and right attitude as well. By giving them small responsibilities and discipline while they’re still young, they’ll learn and be capable of managing their lives better as they grow older.

About Pria Luz

Pria Luz

Pria Luz is a full-time mom to her two-year-old darling angel, and a passionate homemaker, event organizer and DIY enthusiast.

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