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Summer Activities: Your Answers

Summer Activities: Your Answers

On our Facebook page we posed the question;

“As the days are getting longer and warmer, what are your family’s favorite summer activities?” We thought our readers would like to read what parents shared:

Maggie: baseball, softball, swimming, and making things out of duct tape

Matty: Soccer, baseball, swimming, and others!!

Dessi: Gardening…it is frugal and it is a great way to get moving, refreshes body and soul and we do not have to go from one field to another, always running!!!! We work, then we sit and drink ice tea and enjoy the birds chirping and the kids running free…it is all organic! LOL

Angi: swim lessons, softball, theater, violin…many many trips to parks and the library

Lisa: Swim lessons, Tae Kwon do classes, trips to the used bookstore and library, gardening, playing outside, riding bikes.

Kambra: Walks in the woods…. bike rides…

Frederick: video games, lol. It is too hot out here in Phoenix.

Another question we posed on our Facebook page:

“Any suggestions on how to mix school, like history or geography, into trip plans?” These were some of the responses:

Liesa: Colonial Williamsburg offers a great homeschool program in September.

Kristin: We live in Montana and just bought an RV! We plan many educational history trips this summer!

Karen: We are headed to Camp Wojtyla for a week!

Heather: The backyard! The best things in life are free and every subject is covered there.

Ann Marie: We go to Snow Mountain Ranch YMCA Rockies. They basically run family camps all summer at the lodges. Very family friendly and in the past truly Christian, very good value and there are classes as part of your stay, Beaver Ecology, waterfall hikes, topography, Colorado history, etc. It is located right outside Rocky Mountain National Park on the western side. Free Junior Ranger Programs at National Parks and Historic Sites.

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