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Graduation: Preparing for the Finish Line

Graduation is almost upon us, an exciting moment for students and parents alike. But too often what should be a celebration of completing four rigorous years of study, becomes a panic-induced nightmare. Assignments that have been put off until the last minute become a soul-crushing burden, and many times, fall to the wayside. Don’t let this happen to you! And if you already find yourself in this situation, take a breath, and make a plan.

During times of transition, organization and planning are key to keeping a level head and meeting goals. This holds true both for students entering their senior year and for those finishing up. Writing down plans, time-lines, and goals allows us to visualize all that needs to be done.

I keep a whiteboard in my office, which to the uninitiated, might look like the scrawling of an insane person. But it gives me a picture of what I have done and what I still need to do. A simple tool like this can be useful for planning out your senior year from the beginning, or if you find yourself scrambling to finish. Write down a list of your remaining assignments, focus on one, than check it off upon completion. You can call the counselors here at Seton to help you organize the required assignments.

The ultimate goal is to graduate, and the importance of receiving your high school diploma should not be forgotten. Many seniors already have been accepted to colleges and may feel that they already have attained their goal. Do not forget that most colleges accept students contingent upon receiving a final transcript with a graduation date. And even for those few colleges which don’t require that final transcript, not finishing high school will present problems later on.

I had a student last year who called to see what he needed to finish his high school work and graduate. He had applied for a job as a college graduate, but they would not give him the job unless he could prove he had graduated from high school, regardless of the fact that he had graduated from college! Unfortunately, that was not an isolated incident.

Keep that cautionary tale in mind to focus your intentions. Take advantage of the flexibility that homeschooling allows. Work on one assignment, one subject at a time, and you will find your way out of the weeds. And always remember, call us in the Guidance Department if you need any help crossing the finish line.

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Christopher Smith

Chris Smith is the Director of Guidance at Seton. He has an M.A. in National Security and Statecraft from the Institute of World Politics in Washington D.C. He has a B.A. in Philosophy from Christendom College.

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