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Mary, Queen of Apostles: Our Inspiration as Homeschoolers - by Dr. Mary Kay Clark

Mary, Queen of Apostles: Our Inspiration as Homeschoolers

On August 15, we celebrate the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mother into Heaven, body and soul. In a glorious heavenly event, surrounded by angels and saints, she was crowned the Queen of Heaven by God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

While we often speak of Our Blessed Mother as Queen of Heaven, Queen of Angels, and Queen of Saints, perhaps her title as Queen of Apostles is more relevant for us homeschooling parents. As we teach our children at home, bringing the truths of Jesus Christ to our children, we are acting in many ways like the first twelve Apostles.

Like the first twelve apostles, we are evangelizing in our homeschooling enterprise. Though we do not travel to the ends of the earth, certainly the conversion of our children and hopefully our children’s children could extend to many families yet to come. Perhaps one day our own children could be involved in helping to teach all nations through missionary work.

Several of the first twelve apostles were poor fishermen of Galilee. With Christ by their side, and after His Ascension, with Mary by their side, they accomplished the conversion of the world to Christianity.

Converting our children to Christ, converting the “world” of our family, we can participate in converting the whole world, at a time and place just as pagan as the Roman world of the first twelve Apostles. We can do it, however, only with Jesus and Mary by our side.

Queen of Apostles, help us and our children to preach the doctrine of Jesus by living a life of holiness. With devotion and perseverance, with patience and courage, help us and our children to overcome our weaknesses. Through daily frustrations and sufferings, through the difficulties of teaching and learning, teach us to grow closer to Him Who loves us so much as to die for us.

Queen of Apostles, as the Mother of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, you gave us the Source of Eternal Life. Your self-giving was essential for Jesus to be born into the world, and for His work of Redemption. Today, you are essential in our homeschooling to bring Jesus to our children. Through your constant intercession, through your prayers, through your love, you give us the consolation and courage to continue in our daily work of teaching our children.

Queen of Apostles, as you spent the days with the Apostles before Pentecost, leading them in prayer and giving them words of wisdom and encouragement, we ask you to give us wisdom and encouragement in our daily teaching of our children. Certainly the Apostles’ courage and fortitude was due directly to your presence and your words reminding them of the promises of your Son.

Queen of Apostles, it must have been during those days before Pentecost when you spoke about the hidden years of Jesus, those years when you taught Him at home. Though you kept all those things pondering in your heart, you must have shared them with the Apostles at that time.

Queen of Apostles, share with us those things hidden in your heart to help us teach your least brethren, your smallest apostles, our children. Share with us, from your heart to ours, some hidden wisdom as we struggle to help our children become strong apostles for your Son.

Queen of Apostles, after the Ascension of your Son, we know that you must have been the teacher of the Apostles. You must have been instrumental in encouraging the Apostles to go forth to all the nations. Your heart, filled with love for each person in the world, must have influenced those first Apostles to spread the divine love of your Son.

Queen of Apostles, help us to be apostles for our children, by what we teach and our good example, by our kindness and charity, by our patience and good works.

Queen of Apostles, pray for us homeschooling parents as we struggle day by day to be the teachers we need to be for our children. Help us to convert our children and the world to know Jesus, to love Jesus, and to serve Jesus.

About Dr. Mary Kay Clark

Director of Seton for more than 25 years. Dr. Clark left Mater Dei Academy and began teaching her children at home at seeing firsthand the opportunities and the pitfalls of private schooling. Meet Dr. Clark | See her book
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