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Seton is pleased to have produced several video tutorials for our students, and they are available in English & Math.Accounting videos are coming soon!

Video Tutorials Coming soon for Seton Students!


Seton is pleased to have produced several video tutorials for our students, and they are available in English &  Math.Accounting videos are coming soon!
We are pleased to announce that Seton has produced several video tutorials for our students.

We currently have tutorials available for English, Math, and Accounting.

In the coming months, it is our plan to increase the video tutorials we have for these subjects, as well as produce videos for other subjects.

So far, the response to the videos has been overwhelmingly positive. 80% of the students who have watched these videos have considered them helpful.

To reach all these videos, log in to your My Seton page, then click on Resources, then on Video Tutorials.


One exciting aspect of the iPhone and other smartphones is their ability to play audio and video from the Internet.  By using the scanning capability of these phones, along with embedded barcodes in our lesson plans, we hope to make it easier for students to access supplemental materials.

Instead of simply telling students in the lesson plans that an online resource is available for a certain lesson, we can embed a barcode for the student to scan which will immediately start playing the audio or video supplement.

To scan barcodes, you will need a scanning application, such as NeoReader. Some phones come with a scanning application pre-installed, but some phones will require you to download and install the scanning application.

Once you have a scanning application installed on your phone, scan the barcode.

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