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'Women of Grace' Interviews Mary Kay Clark & John Clark on Homeschooling | Watch 5 Episodes

‘Women of Grace’ Interviews Mary Kay Clark & John Clark on Homeschooling | Watch 5 Episodes

written by John Clark

EWTN recently ran five interviews my mom and I conducted as guests on Johnnette Benkovic’s show “Women of Grace.” I just want to mention that I first met Johnnette Benkovic almost twenty years ago when she interviewed me on her radio show.

Since that time, I have witnessed how her apostolate has changed the lives of countless people in many nations, and continues to do so. Her sincere love for the Faith continues to strike me every time I see her. If you are unfamiliar with this apostolate, you can learn more by going to www.womenofgrace.com.

This 5-part series is available online through WomenofGrace to members, but you can watch the first episode for free here. Below is a breakdown of the homeschooling goodness we discussed on her show.

To watch the rest of the series, you can create an account right here. The show’s numbers are provided below for easy searching, all available from this list.

How Catholic Homeschooling Began (10770)

In this episode, my mom provides the background for how Catholic homeschooling, and Seton, began. She talks about growing up and the impact that her mother made on her. As it turns out, much of what led to Catholic homeschooling in America began in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

I mention in the episode that I used to put Catholic flyers on car windows when I was three years old. Maybe that’s how my writing career began.

How Homeschooling Began

Watch this episode for free on WomenofGrace.com

Common Objections (10771)

We discuss some of the common objections to homeschooling, such as socialization and academics. My mom examines about how well homeschooling has been received by Catholic colleges. She talks about how well independent learning in homeschool setting translates to college.

I informed the audience that “I was homeschooling before homeschooling was cool.”

Seton’s Curriculum (10772)

In this program, Johnnette and my mom take a closer look at Seton’s books. My mom discusses the impact that grandparents have had in homeschooling. I mention the online Catholic free-market economics course that I have written for 12th Grade.

We talk about how the Seton program is about helping parents convey their love of the Faith to their children.

Homeschool Impact (10773)

My mom discusses some of the statistics about homeschooling. Johnnette talks about her positive experiences with homeschool students. We all talk about how homeschooling children help their brothers and sisters learn. I mention that even with all our academic degrees and professional experience, my brothers and I often pale in comparison to the achievements of other homeschool graduates.

For this show, I borrowed this purple tie from Athanasius.

Common Core (10774)

We talk a little about common core education. We also talk about how fathers should get involved in the homeschooling process.

I talked about how my children’s interests often dictate my own.

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