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4 Tips for High School Homeschool I Learned the Hard Way - by Mary Anslinger

4 Tips for High School Homeschool I Learned the Hard Way

Living life and being a highschool homeschool student are often conflicting activities. You try to balance them both together, but sometimes they don’t mix well.

In my many years with Seton Home Study School, I have found out many things that make life (and homeschooling) a little easier.

Here are several tips to making school work…that I’ve learned the hard way.

1. Make a Schedule/List.

This is my number 1 way for keeping up with school! I usually make my schedule on Sunday.

If I have to work, I write down my days and hours so I know when I have to work around something. If something else is planned for the week, it’s great to know ahead of time, too.

If you know you have an appointment of some sort on Wednesday, then you can plan to do a little extra homework on Tuesday or Thursday. Also, if you have an assignment that really needs to be finished – a test or essay – then you can write it down and dedicate a day to finishing it.

2. Full-time jobs and school don’t mix.

I know there are times and situations where you have to get a full-time job, but, if possible, try to avoid it. I understand how fun it can be to be out on your own, taking the first steps into adulthood, and receiving that nice paycheck.

However, the truth is, your school will fall behind. I know this for a fact. Trying to juggle full-time work and full-time school will be hard.

I found out that school will get the short end of the stick because it’s flexible, whereas, work? Not so much.

So, try just doing part-time work until you finish (or are about to finish) school. You’ll still have the benefits of working, without seeing your grades suffer. And, believe me, there will be plenty of time after school for a job and adult responsibilities. Give Seton your all; it will be worth it.

3. Find yourself a dedicated study time.

Try to find the best times and places that work for you. Do you study best in your room? The den? The kitchen, maybe? Grab your favorite pens, pencils, and notebooks and head to your favorite spot to get some productive work done!

I personally love fresh, new notebooks just waiting to be used. And often, simple things like a new pack of pencils or pens from the Dollar store create motivation. I know I am more productive when there’s a fresh spin on my school. Of course, as I found out, finding a dedicated study time won’t always work.

Sometimes, even my best intentions and ideas get interrupted or put on the back burner for a little bit. Sickness, doctors appointments, holidays—they happen.

If you get behind, just pick yourself back up again and start where you left off.

4. Always make time for prayer.

There are a lot of activities that can be cut back on or eliminated to make time for your education. However, prayer should not be one of them. If I find myself needing a small break, I try and use it for a few moments of prayer.

Luckily, Seton has provided us with so many opportunities for spiritual thought. We find prayers in our spelling, history, reading, and, of course, religion. And there are also many stories about saints in Seton’s books to take my mind to God and Heaven. So, take some time to talk with Jesus or Mary; you won’t regret it.

I wish everyone lots of luck on their school year! God bless!

About Mary Anslinger

Mary Anslinger

Mary Anslinger is a 22-year-old girl who was educated from Kindergarten with Seton Home Study School. She enjoys being with her family, taking care of her Autistic sister, and helping others. She hopes to move through college and earn a degree in Elementary Teaching/Education. She loves music – especially playing organ and piano. She tries daily to live out the will of God and help others.

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