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Tips to Motivate High School Students

  1. Take your student to daily Mass and at least monthly confession. Your student may be more affected by the secular culture than you might think.
  2. Be sure your high school student is saying the daily Rosary and participating in all the family prayers and religious functions.
  3. Encourage your student to pray to his Guardian Angel and Patron Saint. Have your student read a book about the Patron Saint or Confirmation Saint.
  4. Give the student a share in making decisions, such as scheduling the class times and grading some of the assignments.
  5. Give frequent praise for good work, but also for timely work.
  6. Don’t let the student fall behind; Dad might offer help on the weekend to finish up the week’s assignments. Set short-term, reachable goals and reward good performance.
  7. Remind the student about coming summer vacation when the work is finished.
  8. Purchase a How to Prepare for SAT workbook and help your student to skim through it every week or so, thus reminding your student of what he needs to know before entering college.
  9. Visit college campuses in your area, including the library.
  10. Visit the colleges which your student might attend; have him spend a day or a week visiting a potential future college.
  11. Have your student take the SAT or ACT as early as grade 10, maybe even twice in grade 10. Your student becomes more “tuned in” to what he needs to know, how to time himself on test taking, and thinks about strategies for taking the test. Grades do not need to be sent to the colleges of choice until grade 11.
  12. Encourage relatives or family friends to ask questions about the studies, and even offers to help with a lesson.
  13. Provide a once-a-week tutor, a college student, under your watchful eyes and supervision, in an area of difficulty.

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