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On the Mission of Motherhood

On the Mission of Motherhood

We have collected a set of books by, for, and about the holy mission of mothers. Like a beautiful bouquet of fragrant flowers, we have gathered them all here.

The Heart of Motherhood: Finding Holiness in the Catholic Home

By Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle, an award winning author and Lay Misionary of Charity. In this wonderful book, the author shares that today’s mothers need encouragement and recognition. She states that she hopes to “help more mothers realize and embrace the sublimity of their missions as mothers, responsible for the souls entrusted to our care.”

Written in a warm and engaging style, this book contains many quotations from Blesseds John Paul II and Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Each chapter ends with a prayer, and an inspiring pause or reflection upon the content discussed. The author reminds each of us of our call to be a saint in our own walk of life, and emphasizes the need for mothers to take breaks for prayer and refreshment each day. Mothers are encouraged to strive to imitate Mary, the Mother of God, and her virtues. The author stresses the importance of a mother’s duty to pray on a regular basis, to teach their children to pray constantly, and to seek opportunities to evangelize in their everyday relationships. Topics such as the value of family meal times, suffering as a form of prayer, and the recognition of moments of grace and “everyday miracles”, are addressed. This book serves to encourage and support the vocation of motherhood with gentle and loving care.

Here are others that I think you will enjoy.

The Mother of the Little Flower

Was St. Therese’s mother herself a saint? Zelie Martin and her husband Louis were declared Venerable by the Church in 1994 for their Heroic Virtue, and the couple’s cause is now progressing toward Beatification.

“Zelie married at age 27, bore 9 children, ran a home business and did a superb job of raising 5 daughters including the greatest saint of modern times” – St. Pius X.

She died of breast cancer at the age of 45, but her greatness was recognized by her family and her friends, and is now known to the world. Zelie suffered many of the ordinary burdens of life, yet she was happy, loved her children madly and enjoyed them immensely. This book was written by her daughter Celine, who had access to Zelie’s letters and to the reminiscences of her older sisters in the Carmel of Lisieux. It is authentic and inspiring, showing what a tremendous life’s work and accomplishment it is to be a truly Catholic mother. Looking at Zelie’s picture, one can see her incredible character, integrity, goodness, constancy and love. The book carries an imprimatur.

Saint Monica: Model of Christian Mothers

The famous persevering mother whose prayers, patience and good example at last obtained the conversion of her wayward son – the great St. Augustine – as well as her pagan husband and her mother-in-law. Includes her childhood, difficult marriage, anguish over Augustine, constancy and – in the end – her joy at his conversion. A magnificent story of prayer finally answered!

Monica is also a shining example for Catholic wives. As a young Catholic girl married to a pagan husband, she steadfastly practiced her Catholic Faith. Her constant charity finally resulted in the conversion of both her husband and her mother-in-law! This book also carries an imprimatur.

St. Rita of Cascia: Saint of the Impossible

(Wife, Mother, Widow, Nun). One of the most popular Saints in the Church for centuries, St. Rita is known as the “Saint of the Impossible” because of her amazing answers to prayers, as well as the remarkable events of her own life. Desirous of being a nun, she instead obeyed her parents and married. Her husband was cruel, and caused her much suffering, to which she responded with love and prayers and eventually converted him. After the death of her husband and two sons, Rita was able to enter a convent, where she devoted herself to prayer and penance. She abandoned herself totally to God, diminishing herself as He increased in her. An inspiring story of a soul completely resigned to God’s will.

There are more at our book store. All have been carefully chosen for you!

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