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Seton Homeschool Helper: Tools for the New Evangelization

In responding to Blessed John Paul II’s call to the New Evangelization, let’s take as our model St. Maximillian Kolbe (1894-1941). With the Immaculata friars, he used the most modern technology of his time to spread the Gospel. They published a daily newspaper, a monthly magazine, and even started a radio station!

Fun and Effective Tools for Evangelization

DVD’s from Navis Pictures and CCC are examples of fun and effective tools for us to repond to the New Evangelization which calls all Catholics, first to be evangelized and then in turn to evangelize!

Strong Catholic families are the essential foundation for the New Evangelization. As Catholic homeschoolers, it is important to always have before our eyes the reason for our homeschooling: to love and serve God and to lead our children to Heaven. By communicating the Faith to our children, we are embarking on the New Evangelization within our own homes. Here are a few ideas to help share the Faith with your children:

Get to Know the Saints!

We are part of the family of the Church, and the saints are our older brothers and sisters. Help your children get to know their spiritual siblings by encouraging them to read saints’ stories or by finding DVDs that bring the saints to life on the screen.

Learn the History of the Church!

The history of the Catholic Church is an amazing story, and one that is just as exciting as it is inspirational. The War in the Vendee and the story of St. Bernadette are just two examples that showcase the heroism that the Church inspires in her members.

Play Catholic Games!

Many children learn well in a game setting, and many families have invented their own triva games or card games using Friendly Defenders or Holy Traders to help their children memorize the truths of the Faith.

Shout Out to Homeschoolers!

As homeschoolers, how else can we participate in JP II’s call to be part of the New Evangelization? Here are suggestions from the U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops:

  1. Help foster a welcoming enviroment at mass. Reach out to families who do not feel included.
  2. Within our parish community, strenghten and reenergize youth ministry programs.
  3. Promote service projects for youth.
  4. Assist in development of formation opportunities.
  5. Encourage participation in retreats.
  6. Assist with Faith formation programs on how to share their Faith.

Source: Disciples Called to Witness: The New Evangelization USCCB 2012

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