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A Homeschool Student’s 5-Step Guide to a New Year - by Mary Anslinger

A Homeschool Student’s 5-Step Guide to a New Year

Christmas is already behind us and a new year has begun. In the hustle and bustle of Christmas, school was probably pushed aside to make way for the millions of Christmas duties needing to be finished before the 24th. That’s fine. Thank goodness our homeschooling schedule permits us to be flexible for other pressing matters.

Now, with a new year upon us, we have our lists of New Year’s resolutions, “to-do” lists, and ways to improve this year. We all have personal ambitions, so I’m not going to ponder on that, but rather, on the New Year’s resolutions we should have as homeschooling teens. Here’s a list of resolutions I have for every year—ones that never grow old.

1. Buckle down on homeschool and make it a priority.

The holidays have come and gone—and it was nice to have a Christmas break—but they’re over now, and we need to get back into our routine before we get too far behind. Consider making lists and really becoming motivated to make school your priority. Especially if you’re in high school, keeping up on your homework is imperative.

The assignments are harder and more time consuming, so making lists and schedules really helps in improving your overall work. School is the priority. Play is for afterwards.

2. Help Mom out during the day.

his is so important. Many of us forget how much Mom does around the house. She not only schools your siblings and helps you out with your questions, she does the laundry, makes meals, cleans the house, takes care of pets, picks up toys, and much more! So you’re looking for a small break from a subject? Consider helping Mom.

You can always ask her what she needs done immediately, but some “never-go-wrong” options are: folding the laundry in the dryer, drying the dishes and putting them away, picking up your room or your siblings’ toys, or even running out to feed the dog. They’re all small, everyday tasks, but it’s one less thing Mom has to do. And the satisfaction of seeing her eyes light up when she sees what you’ve done is priceless!

3. Pray for others.

This ties in closely with the next resolution, yet it’s entirely different. Praying for others is a great habit to pick up. It could be a quick Hail Mary, a 9-day novena, or offering up your Mass, but it is so effective! We often forget how many people (even ones we don’t know) need our prayers, so let’s join together in praying for our neighbor.

4. Help others.

This is such a good resolution to work on! No matter how old you are, you can always cultivate this virtue. And you don’t have to go to extremes to practice it. It can be as simple as helping Mom, as mentioned, but you can also help your brother or sister (they look up to us, as older siblings, so let’s set a good example).

Help them with homework, show them how to make their bed or clean up dishes. Or, help your neighbor. Do you have an elderly neighbor who can’t get into town for milk? Pick some up if you’re at the store—they’ll appreciate it. See if you can go to your local nursing home and play piano for a group. Even the smallest actions are so good and full of merit.

5. Grow stronger in our spiritual life.

This one is the most important. Without our Catholic Faith, we are lost! This resolution has so many possibilities! My personal suggestion for growing stronger in faith is starting the day out by saying your Morning Offering prayer. If you don’t have time in the morning for prayer, just say this one. It offers your entire day up to God and makes your day a prayer. “I offer you the prayers, works, joys, and sufferings of this day…”

But other ways to grow include starting novenas, praying to your Patron Saint, going to Mass, and working on specific virtues during the day. Ask God for guidance—He will show you the next step!

I hope some of these have inspired you and helped you prepare for the brand new year just beginning. If we all join together doing God’s will, how can we fail? God bless you, fellow Setoners!

About Mary Anslinger

Mary Anslinger

I have been schooling with Seton since Kindergarten. I love the curriculum that Seton provides and the chance they have given me to learn in an entirely Catholic environment. I love doing many activities, including sewing, reading, and taking care of my siblings. I hope to move on through college and earn an Elementary Teaching Degree to help educate fresh, young minds.

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