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6 Tips about High School for New Freshmen - by Gabrielle Flure

6 Tips about High School for New Freshmen


Heading into High School, Gabrielle Flure felt that it was mysterious and intimidating. Her six survival tips will help you have more balanced expectations!

Going into high school, I didn’t really know what to expect. High school was a mysterious world that only those in it really knew about. So, as I am now one of the inhabitants of the high school world, I wrote this article to let every about-to-be freshman in on a few tips for surviving high school.

1. Every Person is Different.

That sounds obvious. Of course every person is different. But going into high school, I heard all these horror stories about Math and English taking five hours a day. Each. So, going into my freshman year, I was scared to death I wasn’t going to survive.

Fortunately, I did survive, and it actually took me less time to finish a school day than it did when I was in eighth grade. Now, I’m not saying that high school is easy, because it’s not. All I’m saying is that each person is different.

You may end up struggling in one subject while the person next to you struggles in another. You might finish earlier in the day, or later. It really depends on who you are and how seriously you take high school.

2. You Have to Study.

I don’t mean you have to look at the material before you take the test. I mean you have to get down and dirty and take some time out of your schedule to memorize important material in the textbooks. It will pay off, I promise.

Especially since in high school they don’t let you off easy with failed tests anymore. If you get a bad grade and retake the test, your bad grade and your good grade are averaged.

Therefore, you have to know the material the first time around. You can’t just read through the material. You have to study. I can’t stress this enough. If you don’t study, you’re going to end up with bad grades and a poor GPA.

3. You Can’t Constantly Be Doing Schoolwork.

I remember at one point during my freshman year I felt like I was constantly doing something. I was at band practice, soccer practice, or at home doing schoolwork. I never got any time to relax, and after a few days of this I was, to say the least, overwhelmed.

It’s impossible to get good grades, stay emotionally healthy and be doing schoolwork constantly. For example, an athlete can’t train constantly. If he did, he would end up with torn muscles and may permanently injure himself. Now I’m not saying that doing schoolwork constantly is fatal or something, but it isn’t healthy.

So, when you enter your freshman year, if you feel overwhelmed because you’re constantly doing schoolwork or running to different activities, try skipping Monday soccer practice and taking a nap instead, or push that extra Math lesson to Saturday and go see a movie. (But don’t forget to actually do the Math lesson on Saturday.)

4. Things Don’t Always Go According to Plan

God is going to give you roadblocks. You can’t expect everything to always be fine and dandy. You may not always finish your schoolwork when you want to, and that’s okay. Bigger things might make you lose a good portion of your summer, like having to move to a different city, or getting a new baby brother.

Focus on the good part of this, like the new experience of a different town and the cute little brother, and not on the bad.

5. Try to Be Temperate With Grades.

There is a really fine line with grades. You can take them way too seriously, and you can take them nowhere near seriously enough. Yes, you’re in high school, so colleges and universities will be looking at your grades.

But, you do have four years of high school ahead of you. If you take your grades too seriously, you’ll end up with a situation like the one I experienced in Tip 3.

But if you don’t take them seriously enough, you’ll end up with a very low, very horrible GPA. Not to mention that the habits you make now will carry over to your college years.

So, try to be temperate. The actual definition of temperate is, “keeping or existing in the middle ground between extremes” (Encyclopedia Britannica). Try to stay in the “middle ground.” Besides, it is a cardinal virtue.

6. Have Fun!

Being in high school only happens to you once, so make the most of it. Enjoy trying out for the high school swim team, getting your driver’s license, and just hanging out with your friends. Always do your best and have fun. High school won’t always be smooth sailing, but God wants you to be happy and enjoy life, so try to take the good with the bad, and be cheerful and positive.
Good luck!

About Gabrielle Flure

Gabrielle Flure
I am a fifteen-year-old sophomore with a love for God and a devotion to St. Michael the Archangel. I am the oldest in my family with three sisters and three brothers. I love history and music, and enjoy Irish dancing.

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