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Starting your School Year on the Right Foot

Starting your School Year on the Right Foot


Getting started can be daunting, even for the most experienced parents. To help you get your school year started, we asked parents and Seton Counselors for tips and suggestions that they have found most helpful through the years.

From Seton Counselors….

The most important piece of paper in your box is the packing list – put it in a prominent place, like the refrigerator or next to the computer. It has your course information, plus the family/student ID numbers and your password to logon to MySeton.

The most important phone number to have available is for Elementary Counseling: 540-636-1429. Call us with ALL of your ‘getting started’ questions, or email us at counselors@setonhome.org. We’re here to assist you! – Cecilia Sauer

Before starting the school year:

  • Simplify, simplify, simplify!
  • Get rid of clutter — less is more.
  • Have a place for everything and everything in its place.
  • Take a realistic look at extracurricular activities.
  • Put into practice a chore list BEFORE schooling starts for ALL the children. All hands should be busy maintaining an orderly household.

An orderly physical environment combined with a basic/simple schedule for activities should allow for the family to attend one weekday Mass and keep the stress level for both mom and students under control. – Sharon Hassett

Make Literature a family event. Sometimes students get bogged down in their high school English studies because they don’t understand a book, or can’t bring themselves to finish it. Get the family involved. Read the literature and book analysis books out loud after dinner as a family activity. You might be surprised by how much everyone enjoys the stories, and you might just start some fantastic family conversation, all while making English assignments move along faster and easier to accomplish. – Christine Smitha

Be sure to check out all of the various resources available on the Course Resources section of the MySeton page.  Often there are worksheets, sample essays, and tutorials that can make school assignments much easier. – Walker Solis

I would recommend that High School English students and parents skim the Lesson Plan to understand its format, and to note the location and content of Handbooks at the back of the Lesson Plan which contain valuable course information. – Kathryn Baltrinic

From Veteran Parents….

My tip is to make it to daily Mass. Ours is at 8 o’clock and it’s a little tricky because it’s a 20 min. drive one way, but WOW, what a difference when we make it! Best way to begin the homeschool day! – Donna E.

Don’t have so many outside activities for children and moms that you are never home, and your “homeschooling” becomes “car-schooling.” – Terry A.

Make some freezer meals over the next few weeks to use for those busy days when you just don’t need one more thing to do. Start your day everyday with family prayer, we always say a decade of the Rosary and read a short saint story. And don’t answer the phone or check e-mail during school time. Wait until lunch break. – Lisa S.

Don’t wait until the last minute to get acquainted with material/lesson plans. Make sure you have all the supplies you need before first day. Don’t feel like you have to do everything…give your older kids responsibilities helping the younger ones. They are capable of getting themselves up and making their own breakfast. This frees up your morning some and takes stress off of you. God bless! – Faith F.

Spend some time at adoration. Bring each child to mind while in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Ask God to help you realize the needs of each child, set goals for each child and help you meet those goals. – Beth L.


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