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Teacher’s Tip: 6 Tips from the Grading Department


Rhonda Way has six tips for students about grading at Seton Home Study School that she has gathered over her 20 years of helping Seton families succeed.

6 Tips from the Grading Department

We asked Rhonda Way, head of the Seton Home Study’s Grading Department to share some tips on simplifying your homeschooling experience.

Here are six bits of wisdom she has gathered over her 20 years of helping Seton families succeed.

  1. Turn in your work one quarter at a time. This habit will assure that graders can offer timely feedback or correction to students which will help minimize future mistakes.
  2. Submit your work online whenever possible. This is particularly important for high school English literature and composition students as we are not able to keep copies of mailed in work. Online submissions allow our counselors and graders to look at a student’s essay with them when a student calls with a question.
  3. Plan ahead and avoid the rush! Late spring and early summer are the busiest times of the year in the Grading Department. If you need records sent to colleges at that time or tests to be graded as soon as possible, planning ahead will ease your stress tremendously.
  4. College-bound students: Know the requirements and the dates when certain parts of your application are due. Flexibility may be a benefit of homeschooling but most colleges are rigid in regard to their own deadlines.
  5. 12th Graders: Check your records and make sure you have final grades for all your courses from previous years. Gaps on your transcript can hurt your chances for college acceptance.
  6. Finally, and very importantly, give us a call if you are having difficulties understanding an assignment so we can help you. Sometimes a simple phone call will quickly provide clarity to the matter.

Remember, Seton counselors are here to help students succeed. Contact them when you need their help.

Wishing you every success!

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