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30 Low-Cost Easter Basket Treat Ideas That Aren't Candy - Jennifer Elia

30 Low-Cost Easter Basket Treat Ideas That Aren’t Candy


Put down the candy and plastic bunny toys! Easter is upon us but it’s not too late to add these easy basket fillers that are both useful and sugar-free.

Easter is upon us, and everywhere there are piles of Easter candy. Even though I do appreciate a piece of good dark chocolate immensely, I don’t like to give my children an abundance of sugary treats.

My favorite types of gifts are ones that are not only practical but enjoyable. Just like too much sugar, no one needs more clutter that serves no purpose, especially in a homeschooling family.

My children are so excited about what they might find in their baskets. So, while treats are far from our focus on Easter morning, they are still a fun tradition that my children enjoy.

So, put down the candy and plastic bunny toys! It’s not too late to add these low-cost basket fillers that are both useful and sugar-free. Best of all, most can be found at your local dollar store or discount mart:

Practical Easter Treats:

1. Hairbrush (so that maybe, just maybe, they’ll leave yours alone…)
2. Hair ties or barrettes
3. Sunglasses
4. Flip Flops
5. Lip balm
6. Flashlight
7. Hand cream
8. Reusable water bottle
9. Pacifier
10. Teething ring
11. Journal
12. Mini sewing kit
13. Handkerchief
1. Arts and Crafts:
14. Stickers
15. Crayons
16. Glue sticks
17. Duct tape (Buddy’s absolute favorite!)
18. Glitter
19. Construction paper
20. Popsicle sticks
21. Watercolor paints
22. Paint brush
23. Colored Pencils
24. Felt squares
25. Playdough ©
26. Silly Putty ©
27. Pipe cleaners
28. Beads
29. Stamp pad
30. Yarn
31. Googly eyes

School Items (Are there ever too many school supplies?):

32. Fun pencils
33. Pencil sharpener
34. Erasers
35. Scissors
36. Post-it notes ©
37. Highlighters
38. Colorful binder clips
39. Flashcards
40. Notepad
42. Calculator
43. Pens
44. White out ©
45. Ruler
46. Pencil case
47. Magnifying glass

Outside items:

48. Seeds
49. Garden gloves
50. Kneeling pad
51. Sidewalk chalk
52. Pail and shovel
53. Hat
54. Small Ball
55. Jump rope
56. Butterfly net
57. Bird seed/feeder
58. Bubbles
59. Glow sticks (All of my kids, from 3 to 12 still love these.)
60. Bicycle basket

What’s in your Easter baskets this year?

About Jennifer Elia

Jennifer Elia
Jennifer is a homeschooling mom of four with three tiny saints in Heaven. She is married to her high school sweetheart and together they are striving to keep their family headed for Heaven.

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