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6 Useful Websites for High School Students - Mary Anslinger

6 Useful Websites for High School Students


Spending too much time searching instead of researching? Seton student Mary Anslinger gives her top six website resources to help streamline your studies!

When it comes to studying and writing papers, students can, and should, use all the help we can get.

What a blessing that, with technology and the internet at our fingertips (literally), it is easy to find websites that can make our homework more rich and efficient.

I know it can sometimes be confusing with so many resources floating around out there online which is why I’ve put together six of my favorite websites for when I need to study, do research, or write a paper.

All of these websites provide valuable info and make paper-writing easier. They can also be useful past high school and into college. Here they are in the hopes that you’ll benefit from them as well! is my most visited website when writing a paper. If I come across a word I don’t know, or need to look up a word that I’m thinking of using, this website is perfect for quickly finding the definition. Sometimes a word doesn’t mean exactly what I think it does, so thankfully I can look it up with ease and decide whether I really want to use it in my paper or not.

Closely related to the first website is I don’t think I have ever written a paper without using this website at least once! When re-reading what I’ve written, I often find I’ve used the same word more than once, which sounds repetitious. What do I do? I visit!

This site will give you all kinds of options to find the word you need. Some are more closely related than others, but in the end, you’ll find that perfect word you were looking for. Sometimes it will end up being even better than the one you thought of originally. Plus, using this tool helps build your vocabulary!


Now, this one isn’t completely free. You do have to pay for it, but it’s totally worth it when you have to read a ton of books for the year! Sometimes, my mind just doesn’t want to sit and focus on reading, so I’ll get the book from Audible and listen to it instead! It’s great for keeping up with my reading list. All I have to do is plug in some earphones and I can listen to my book while working around the house, riding in the car, or exercising.

This is definitely a life saver when you need to get a lot of reading done.

Google Scholar

I just recently found this website and it’s pretty awesome. Google Scholar is a search engine specifically for finding articles, journals, and other scholarly information. There are so many articles and books out there on topics I’m researching for school papers, and this tool helps me find what I need.

Next time you are doing research, try using Google Scholar. I think you’ll find it helps ease some of the time-consuming research. Important info is right at your fingertips!

Google Drive

Although some of my homework, notes, and papers are stored on my laptop, a good chunk of my papers, assignments, and study guides are stored on Google Drive. It is sometimes really handy to have my work online rather than on my computer, and it’s easy to attach a paper to an email and send it off.

I can also access my files from any device: phone, library computer, or even a friend’s laptop. It’s nice to know that I can always find and access what I have saved. Google Drive has become essential for me because it offers so many useful features. Try it out if you’re looking for ways to store your work hassle free!

Encyclopedia Britannica

This website! I have so many good things to say about it. It’s awesome!

You can find any piece of information you need on this site. It’s concise but thorough, and it even has pictures along with the articles (which is great for helping info sink in).

There are quizzes you can take, galleries of pictures you can see, and lists of useful things you can scan through. I cannot say enough about this website! It has everything you need in one place.

What websites do you use for school? Do you have any recommendations?

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About Mary Anslinger

Mary Anslinger
Born in the Hoosier state of Indiana, Mary Anslinger is a 22-year-old girl who was educated from Kindergarten with Seton Home Study School. She enjoys being with her family, taking care of her Autistic sister, and helping others. She hopes to move through college and earn a degree in Musical Therapy with a minor in music. Music is one of her favorite hobbies – especially playing organ and piano. She loves being in the church choir and playing organ for Mass. Her side business, clothing consignment, is also one of her favorite pastimes. She tries daily to live out the will of God and being a shining light of His truth.

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