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Alumni Profile: Hannah Tichy – Fostering a Love to Learn


Hannah says Seton prepared her to read critically, write college level papers, and manage her time well. Seton also helped foster her love for learning.

Hannah is a senior at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas studying Elementary Education with a minor in Spanish.

I was homeschooled through Seton for two years, the last two years of high school. I enjoyed the integration of the Catholic Faith in all academic subjects as well as the balance of structure and flexibility Seton provided for me and my family.

Completing discussion questions from literature with my mom and chemistry lab assignments with my dad are some of my best memories from high school because of Seton!

How Seton Prepared Me for College

Seton prepared me for writing papers at the college level, reading critically, and managing my time well.

Once classes started freshman year, I found I was able to manage my time effectively and understand the content of my courses well. Seton also fostered a love for learning for me that helps me stay motivated to learn during college.

My love for children and my desire to share my love for learning with them and help lead them to God gives me a passion for becoming a teacher. I hope to become a positive influence in the lives of my future students, helping them know they are loved by God as His children and that they have a unique purpose in this life.

One thing I’d like to share is don’t forget to enjoy your time in high school and your time with your family!

Also, hold yourself accountable to the use of good time management skills in a way that works well for you, so that you are prepared to do this later in life.

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