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Catholic Harbor – A Thriving Online Community for Seton Students


Catholic Harbor is a new student-moderated online community of Seton Home Study School students and grads to socialize and have fun with different forums.

The best kind of friendships are those in which two people share a love of the good and strive to grow in virtue.

Those kinds of friends are often hard to find in the modern age. Unless you live in a vibrant Catholic community, like those that spring up around particularly faith-filled churches or colleges, it might feel impossible.

The internet has introduced some blessings and curses into our world, but one of the truly best things to have come from it is the ability to reach across the divide of hundreds or thousands of miles and connect with other like-minded people.

Based on a Successful Model

When I was a homeschooled student finishing up high school many years ago, I was fortunate enough to connect with other Catholic homeschoolers in a large online community. Most of my best friends, even to this day, are friends I first met online in that community over 15 years ago.

It was an invaluable experience for me, not just in terms of making friends, but in sharpening my critical thinking and debate skills and gaining an appreciation for what the Catholic Faith truly looks like when it informs and inspires an entire community. It was an experience that I wished all Seton students had a chance to share. Now they do.

Catholic Harbor is a new student-moderated community of Seton Home Study School students and graduates. It is a place for Seton students to socialize and have fun.

It is a social network for students, yet unlike many of the modern social networks, it is not focused on just pictures or a limited number of characters per post; it is designed for meaningful conversation. The different forums include subjects such as Literature and Creative Writing, Debates, Spiritual Life, and Sports.

Student Moderators

This community differs from any message board or website Seton has created in the past because not only are students given the freedom to talk about anything that is on their minds (within the rules approved by Seton) but the students themselves are responsible for maintaining and protecting the community.

Student moderators are appointed to make sure that the rules are followed and inappropriate topics are not posted on the site. Having a whole team of student moderators, combined with the screening of new members provided by Seton, helps to create perhaps the best environment for students to meet and get to know each other online.

What students think about Catholic Harbor

Catholic Harbor has only been live for about two months, but it has been incredibly successful and active during this time. I asked our members what they thought about the community so far. Here are some of their responses. (Members choose usernames when they sign up, so they don’t have to use their real names except to let Seton know when confirming their enrollment status.)

A Safe Haven

“Catholic Harbor is truly a safe haven for Seton students! We have the opportunity to communicate with other strong, Catholic teens on a deeper level. Through the wide variety of topics, we can laugh, pray, and hold discussions with one another. I would definitely recommend this welcoming, fun, and delightful site to anyone!”

“Catholic Harbor is a very fun and welcoming place for socializing with other homeschoolers! I’ve learned quite a lot on here, and am having a great time making new friends with other homeschoolers from around the world in a safe environment.”

“In just a few months since it was first announced, Catholic Harbor has been the hangout of Seton homeschoolers. It’s a place where every student gets to chat and discuss their ideas with other fellow students. It gives them the opportunity to meet new students from all over the globe in one ‘harbor’; a place where freshmen and seniors get along together and share their experiences. Even if I live in another part of the world, Catholic Harbor made it possible for me to get to know other fellow students.”
-Sir.Jonz (student moderator)

Catholic Environment

“Catholic Harbor is a wonderful site for teens who want to get together with other Catholics their age. I’ve had so much fun getting to know everyone on this site, and talking about the Faith, as well as endless fun topics. On Catholic Harbor, there’s always a conversation to join and a topic for everyone!”
-Elizabeth of Narnia

“I love chatting and socializing with my peers on Catholic Harbor! The best part? It’s a better environment because it is just for Catholic Seton students like you and me. The various forums and topics are excellent. My rating: 10/10! Thanks so much Seton!”

“Catholic Harbor is beyond neat! It is so much fun to be able to know people who are like ourselves, being Christian/Catholics. Making true and good friends is very easy on Catholic Harbor. I would recommend Catholic Harbor for any student thirteen or older looking for a safe site full of truly wonderful people.”

Lively Chats

“Whether you like having a lively chat, sharpening the mind through intense debates, or seeking and sharing wisdom from past experience all in a Catholic-centered, student moderated, and safe environment, then Catholic Harbor is the place for you. Not only do students become enriched in the above activities, they also become part of an amazing Christ-centered community. With so many students already signed up, Catholic Harbor will never be a dull place.”

“On Catholic Harbor, I have a unique opportunity to interact with fellow Seton students, discuss topics of interest, and sharpen my communication skills.”
-The Meter Maiden

“Catholic Harbor is fantastic! I personally appreciate a new place where students can communicate easier, talk about a wide range of topics, and get hands-on with keeping the site in order. There’s always something exciting going on here!”

Lasting Friendships

“This place is totally awesome. I appreciate a place where you can interact with other homeschoolers, like people can at regular school. Thanks to Catholic Harbor, I have met so many more amazing people!”
-SlyGuy12 (student moderator)

“Catholic Harbor is a fantastic place where one can meet new Setoners, make new friends, and further their faith in God. Catholic Harbor has been a great online environment for me. I’ve been blessed to make so many new friends. Knowing that each person you meet on here is also a homeschooler of Seton helps making it a tad easier. It’s interesting to see the similarities and differences in each student’s life.

Some of us live great distances away from each other, friendship is not entirely impossible; with the aid of Catholic Harbor and the ability to talk with the students as often as liked, friendships last and evolve. Seton is a fantastic homeschooling program, and Catholic Harbor is a great place to meet more of those Seton students and make new friends. I’m truly thankful that Catholic Harbor was put into the making, and I’m extremely thankful to all those who made it possible!”


About Draper Warren

Draper Warren is the Director of Admissions and Conferences at Seton Home Study School and the Administrator of Catholic Harbor. He is a Seton alumnus, a graduate of Christendom College, and is currently completing an M.B.A. degree.
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