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Helping Our Children Develop Their Potential


The flexibility of homeschooling has allowed the Habana children to develop their potential while maintaining a rigorous, competitive sports schedule.

Time flies by so fast! Homeschooling allowed me to witness and cherish those beautiful moments while my children were growing up. It fosters a closer family bond as we tackle our daily tasks at home, manage the family business, and participate in the boys’ races and tournaments.

A Learning Style to Run the Race

Providing a learning environment that fits my children’s learning styles is what inspired me to do homeschooling. It allows for personalized education, ensuring that each child can learn at their own pace and in a way that best suits them.

One of the greatest benefits of homeschooling is that it nurtures a love for learning while allowing us to learn together as a family. This shared educational journey strengthens our family bond and enables us to grow together, especially in our Catholic faith. By integrating our beliefs and values into our daily lessons and activities, homeschooling creates a holistic and supportive environment for both academic and spiritual growth.

Allowing the Children to Develop Their Potential

Homeschooling has allowed my children to develop their potential by providing a flexible learning environment. My boys, who excel in triathlon, benefit from a schedule that accommodates their rigorous training twice a day. This setup ensures they have ample time to pursue their athletic passions while maintaining their academic studies. Additionally, homeschooling allows us to incorporate travel for races and training camps without disrupting their education, fostering their athletic and academic growth.

I chose Seton Home Study School because it offers a well-rounded Catholic curriculum that aligns with our family’s values and beliefs.

What I love most about Seton Home Study School is its strong emphasis on Catholic values integrated into a rigorous academic curriculum. The flexibility allows us to tailor our schedule to fit our family’s unique needs, particularly our children’s athletic training and competitions.

The Habana Family, Minglanilla, Philippines

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