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In the Schoolroom: Summer Reading Ideas


Relaxed summer reading is the well from which great thoughts and writing flow later in life and a reason we created the Summer Reading Club.

Summer Reading

My Nana was a big part of my being a voracious reader as a child. She married young and raised a family in a small apartment in Brooklyn having graduated high school right at the start of the Great Depression. She was not highly educated, but always managed to fit in some time for reading.

Summer Reading

When I was a child, she delighted in reading to me, and as I got older, she loved sharing her favorite books with me. Nana loved a good series. She is the one who introduced me to Betsy Tacey, Laura and Mary Ingalls, Nancy Drew, and my very favorite, Anne of Green Gables.

Summer ReadingI remember the freedom of summer afternoons lounging in the big blue chair in my living room or at the beach or the lakeside cottage in Maine we went to most summers reading about Anne and Diana’s adventures, Anne and Gilbert’s romance and eventually Jem, Walter, Shirley, Di, Nan, and Rilla, Anne’s children. It was a gift I could not wait to give my own children and one which, fortunately, they gladly accepted.

Summer ReadingFlipping a switch and entertaining the children through the long summer days is so easy. A movie here and there is a welcome respite from summer’s heat and humidity, but the gift of a lifelong love of reading is far better.

The Summer Reading Club

Summer Reading

Summer reading should be playful and adventurous. It should spark imagination, inspire pretend play, and create an appetite for more.

Seton knows how important fun summer reading is in a child’s life. Relaxed summer reading is the well from which great thoughts and writing flow later in life. Fairy stories and tales of mysterious, adventurous, exotic, and exciting locations breathe life into summer days and are the reason we created the Summer Reading Club.

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Mother of seven children and two in heaven, Mary is wife to David and a lifelong New Yorker. She has homeschooled her children for eleven years using Seton and an enormous amount of books. She is a columnist for The Long Island Catholic and blogs here . Meet Mary Ellen.
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