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Looking for the Latest News on Seton’s 2020 Graduation?


The latest news on Seton Graduation 2020: while homeschooling continues uninterrupted, Seton Graduation 2020 ceremonies have been postponed, details below.

Can you tell me what is going on with this years’ graduation?

We regret to announce that the Seton high school graduation, which was scheduled for May 23rd, has been postponed. The graduation was to take place at a local high school, but since all Virginia public schools are closed for the remainder of the school year, it will not be possible to hold the graduation as scheduled.

If possible, we plan to hold the graduation in either late July or early August at Skyline High School in Front Royal. We will not know until late June whether this new schedule is possible. At that time we will contact all 12th-grade students and inform them of the new plans.

Any 2020 graduate who is unable to attend this year’s graduation will be eligible to attend the 2021 graduation.

When do I need to re-enroll for the next grade level?

Because we are a homeschooling program, we are not bound by the calendar of the public or private schools.

We believe the lessons, subject-by-subject, should be geared for the abilities of the individual student. Therefore, Seton parents may enroll their children at any time.

Seton’s online enrollment system allows families to choose any future shipping date on which we will send their materials. So, a family might enroll in June but choose to receive their books at the beginning of September. Setting a future shipping date is also helpful when a student has finished a grade level but siblings are still working.

Having the ability to set a future shipping date for a student’s books means that all students can be re-enrolled on the same earlier date (ensuring the largest multiple-child discount), but allow some students to receive their books at a later date when they are closer to completing their current level.

My daughter wants to take Spanish with a local teacher. Can she get credit from Seton?

The first way is that you would enroll in our regular Spanish course (either the online course or the book-based course) and have the local teacher act as a tutor for your daughter. The local teacher can go over all the lessons with your daughter, explain any points of confusion, and then advise your daughter when she is ready to take the Seton tests.

After your daughter’s test is graded, the tutor could review any areas in which your daughter struggled on the test. Having such a tutor could certainly be valuable for many students.

The second way you could use a tutor is if your daughter took the Spanish course as an Independent Study. In this case, you would not enroll in the Seton Spanish course but would instead have your tutor design the course and choose the materials used. To do this, you would need to fill out a Request for Independent Study form (which can be found on your MySeton page, under the Resource tab).

After your request is approved, you or your tutor would send us a quarterly report form with your grades, which Seton would record. Your course would count as a regular high school credit acceptable toward meeting Seton graduation requirements.

I have two students in high school. May I enroll them in the same foreign language course?

Yes, you may enroll them in the same foreign language course. This permits them to study together and help each other to prepare for their tests. They can “talk” the foreign language with each other. In fact, we encourage you to enroll them together in as many classes as possible.

Other subject areas for them to take together would be history, science, and religion.

Can my child write a book report on a book not on the Seton book report list?

Students must write a book report on the Seton assigned books because these are the books the graders are prepared to grade. It’s not realistic to expect our graders to have read all the books the students might like to read.

The book report assignment and its grading are geared for the books which the students are assigned to read. In addition, we have chosen books that have been recognized by Christian educators as appropriate for Christian students.

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