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Not Just for Kids – Staff Favorites for Moms Who Love to Read


We challenged the Seton staff to name their favorite read in the literature curriculum. They loved the challenge, and they loved these books.

Seton mom Zoe Harke posted on the Seton Coffee House Facebook page about reading and loving the literature choices for Seton. She asked other members of the Coffee House, “Does anyone else love reading Seton’s literature choices? I seriously just read The Outlaws of Ravenhurst in a single day. I could NOT stop. That book is SO GOOD. I was (unfortunately) raised secular, so this is the first time I’ve ever seen these amazing Catholic titles. What are your favorites? I want to make sure I don’t miss any others!”


Zoe later shared with the Seton Magazine, “The Outlaws of Ravenhurst is the kind of powerful Catholic literature that I was deprived of in my secular education. This captivating novel opened my eyes to the enormous sacrifices of our Catholic predecessors and renewed my gratitude for religious freedom in the United States. It was also a thrilling read!”

Stephanie Ebelke added in the Coffee House, “Number the Stars was, in a word, inspiring! The protagonist and her family were brilliant examples of Christian charity in the worst of circumstances.”

Other Coffee House favorites from Seton’s curriculum and bookstore were The Winged Watchman, The Hidden Treasure of Glaston, and Crusader King.

Seton Academic Counselor Laura Clark thought we could help Zoe and other moms and dads with Seton staff suggestions of books that parents might enjoy. We asked Seton Staff for their help, and this is what they had to say:

A Tale of Two Cities is a story set during the French Revolution that delves into the contrast between the aristocracy and the oppressed common people. The character Sydney Carton’s redemptive sacrifice always resonated with me, and Dickens’ depiction of that period in history is very interesting, – Andrew Briggs

So Much More

I love Anne of Green Gable and Johnny Tremain, but my favorite Seton literature book is Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White. Your first response may be, “This is a little kid’s book.” It is so much more.


It is a story about life and death, growing up, friendship, and sacrifice. I loved this book when I read it in elementary school and even more when I read it as an adult. – Laura Fusto

I love books where kids are heroes. Johnny Tremain and Madeleine Takes Command are among my favorites. – Ginny Seuffert

One of my favorites is The Good Master by Kate Seredy. The wide beauty of the Hungarian plains, Kate’s antics, and her uncle’s gentle firmness: this story made a lasting impression on me as a child. The illustrations, by the author herself, are alive and beautiful. Any adult would enjoy this book, as well. – Theresa O’Connor

Two of my favorite books from the Seton choices are by C.S. Lewis: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Out of the Silent Planet. They are both the first novels in their series, The Chronicles of Narnia and the Space Trilogy. I particularly love how Lewis sets these novels in other worlds, but they are obliquely about our world. The Incarnation is integral but never mentioned by name in either book.


I hope students reading these books will want to go on and read the rest of the series! I re-read both series every couple of years! In fact, I am right now re-reading the 3rd book of the Space Trilogy! – Laura Clark

One of my favorite Seton books is The Lilies of the Field by William Barrett. For those who have only seen the movie, I would definitely recommend reading the book because the characters are portrayed differently, and the story is a little bit different.

I love this story’s vivid descriptions, joyful outlook on life, touch of humor, and realistic and unique characters. The story shows us how much simple faith in God can accomplish and how God will provide for all of our needs beyond what we can even imagine. – Amy Nutt

Johnny Tremain is my favorite of the Junior High books. -Draper Warren


So Grateful

My favorite of Seton’s selections and probably one of my all-time favorite books is Anne of Green Gables. The story has such a special place in my heart, cemented by a trip to Prince Edward Island when I was young.

I am so grateful Seton allowed me to share it with my children as part of the curriculum. – Mary Ellen Barrett

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