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Phonics K FYC

Phonics K for Young Catholics Seton’s New Reading Program


Seton is excited to share a new phonics program with young students and their families. It’s the best way to begin your journey of knowledge and adventure.

Do you remember learning to read?

It involves a process.

The first step is to learn the letters of the alphabet and the sounds of the letters. Then, the sounds of the consonants and vowels combine to form words. Next, the words combine to form sentences that combine to create a story.

This is how you begin to read!

Phonics – Step One of the Reading Process

The cornerstone of Seton’s Kindergarten Phonics and Reading program is the revised Phonics K for Young Catholics. In the workbook, the student’s journey begins with a cast of young characters that accompany him throughout the course. The pages are filled with colorful drawings in an inviting format.

Each letter of the alphabet is studied for its name, form, sound, and association with a keyword.

Heavenly Writing, a multi-sensory learning technique, is introduced and used to engage the child’s muscles as he learns the formation of each letter.

In the exercises in the book, the student hears, listens for, and writes the sound of each letter. The book provides other activities for review and comprehension that reflect Catholic values.

Other Important Components:

Alphabet cards reinforce the name, form, sound, and keyword for each letter.

Online video resources on MySeton provide correct pronunciation for each letter as well as guiding tips from a speech therapist to correct common pronunciation problems.

Little Books – Your child has his own series of little books featuring the cast of phonics friends. Each little book focuses on a vowel sound. Your child remembers that Ken has the short sound of e, and Pete has the long sound of e as he advances from one word on a page to reading two and three-word sentences.

Little ReaderPhonics K for Young Catholics introduces some frequently used words that do not follow phonetic rules or represent sounds not taught in the Kindergarten program. As your child travels along with his phonics friends, he combines simple phonetic words and frequently used words to read a collection of stories in his book I Can Read, Kindergarten Reader.

Lesson Plan – Completing the program is the lesson plan that includes teaching tips for parents and several games, such as Alphabet Memory, Go Fish, Consonant Bingo, and Sort the Vowels. Games are a fun way to reinforce lessons presented in Phonics K for Young Catholics.

A Lifelong Journey

Beginning to read, a child embarks on a journey into the world of the written word that provides access to limitless knowledge and adventures. Seton is excited to share this phonics and reading program with young students and their families on their first steps in this lifelong journey.

This updated phonics and reading program was designed under the direction of Patricia Walker, a senior member of Seton’s Curriculum Development, with participation by Nan Alcott, a retired teacher of young children and author of Seton’s book Early Literacy for Young Catholics, and Susan Anderson, a speech therapist who works with young children. Pat, Nan, and Susan have been homeschooling moms.

The cast of characters was drawn by Nathan Puray and the graphic design layout was done by Emily Prause.

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