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Seton Alumni Profile: Anthony Klein


Seton’s rigorous writing load prepared me for the writing demands in college, and the readings gave me a solid foundation for my studies at Belmont Abbey.

Hi, I’m Anthony Klein, an English major, minoring in great books, medieval studies, and (hopefully!) modern languages. I plan to graduate from Belmont Abbey in 2024.

Finding the Right Fit

I found the Abbey in the summer of 2018 after telling my mom that I wished there was a summer camp for people who read books. After an Internet search, we found Belmont Abbey College’s Schola Program on the Newman Guide website.

It seemed like a perfect fit. Schola is a week-long adventure with a diverse group of fellow high school nerds hosted by Honors faculty and students. After attending, I was hooked. I knew then that I wanted to join the Honors College and pursue my education in an atmosphere that supported and stimulated my love of truth, beauty, and the things that matter.

Falling in Love with the Abbey

My time at Belmont Abbey has been epic. My favorite thing about the Honors College is the seminar-style classes heavy in student participation. These classes promote involvement and make me wrestle with modern problems, guiding me to understand better how to pursue virtue and excellence.

Most of the classes I take at the Abbey are Honors classes, so I have grown very close to my classmates. The result is a healthy community of like-minded individuals. The community culture here is incredible and important; I can’t stress it enough. The Honors College fosters cultivation in the arts, so we try to attend symphonies and go to the Abbey Players theater productions together.

Life in the Honors College combines strong academics with incredible opportunities for friendship and connection.

How Seton Prepared Me For College Life

Coming to college, I was immediately thankful for my Seton education. Seton’s rigorous writing load prepared me for the writing demands in college, and the required readings gave me a solid foundation for the literature I study here. Seton gave me all the tools I need to succeed in my academics, and I’m incredibly thankful for that. I love the Honors College and Belmont Abbey has helped me grow in meaningful relationships with God, others, and myself.

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