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Seton Family Spotlight – The Edwards Family


Mrs. Edwards loves the practicality of the Seton program and says you get everything you need as a parent! Seton sets your home study up for success.

1. What do you love most about homeschooling?

The time I get to spend with my daughters and knowing the quality of education they’re receiving.

2. What inspired you to begin homeschooling?

I wanted my daughters to receive a Catholic education but could not afford to send them to Catholic School; also, with my older parents living in another country, I wanted the freedom and flexibility to travel there in case of an emergency, without it being an educational set back for my children.

3. What have you found to be the greatest benefit of homeschooling?

The time I get to spend with my daughters, plus all the learning and exploring we are doing together.

4. How has homeschooling allowed your child to develop their potential?

One of my girls is very high energy, and sitting in a classroom for 8 hours is not beneficial for her, homeschooling allows us the flexibility she needs to take breaks to spend her energy between subject, so she is able to be more focused and ready to learn each lesson.

5. Why did you choose Seton Home Study School?

I wanted a good Catholic curriculum for them. I think it is a demanding curriculum and I really like that because it keeps them challenged and interested.

6. What do you love most about Seton Home Study School?

I love the practicality of it, you get everything as a parent! You get the support, the books, weekly and daily study plans, the tests, some test answer sheets and some tests are graded by Seton. Seton sets your home study up for success.

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