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Seton Family Spotlight – The Hicks Family

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The Hicks children took their ducks and chickens to the Fair. They are thankful for their flexible schedule so they have time to care for their animals.

1. What do you love most about homeschooling?

I love the ability to spend time learning and growing together as a family.

2. What inspired you to begin homeschooling?

I wanted to be with my children and began to research methods that would enable me to do this. I had wanted to send my children to the private Catholic school I had attended but that was a bit of a drive. It also only went to 6th grade so eventually, I would be looking at homeschooling, as the local public schools were not appealing to me. (I had attended some of them!)

3. What have you found to be the greatest benefit of homeschooling?

I love reading, so spending time reading books and learning together with my children, has been a tremendous blessing.

4. How has homeschooling allowed your children to develop their potential?

Our six children learn entirely differently from one another. Each has its unique learning style and homeschooling has allowed them to move through each subject at their own pace. Some excel at English, others at math.

5. Why did you choose Seton?

I wanted a Catholic workbook-style learning approach for convenience and neatness. Seton’s workbooks are so beautiful, the images in each one and on the cover were so lovely to look at. I had researched Seton academically years before and knew they were a good program.

6. What do you love most about Seton?

Being able to upload work directly for marking really speeds up the process, and allows me to do everything from home. I also still really love the beautiful workbooks.

Family Spotlight

Family Spotlight


Family Spotlight

Family Spotlight

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