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Seton Staff Series – Meet Aidan Callegari


Seton Latin, history, and religion Counselor Aidan Callegari loves current events, a good cup of coffee, and encourages students to ask the deep questions.

High School Academic Counselor

Meet Aidan Callegari, one of the newer members of the Seton staff.

Aidan jumped on board in September 2019 and works today as an academic counselor for Latin, history, and religion.

He brings to this position a considerable amount of knowledge and expertise. After attending public schools in New York and Richmond, Virginia, he entered Christendom College, where he double-majored in History and in Classics and Early Christian Studies.

While there, he served as president for a year of the Classics Honor Society, the Iota Rho Chapter of Eta Sigma Phi, a national honor society promoting the study of classics.

After graduating from Christendom College Magna Cum Laude, Aidan spent a year teaching basic religion classes at Saint Joseph Catholic School in Petersburg, Virginia.

When he learned that Seton was looking for an academic counselor for history, Latin, and religion, he applied and was immediately accepted.

A Current Events Aficionado

When not working at Seton, Aidan enjoys reading history, historical fiction, and alternate historical fiction and considers himself a “current events aficionado,” meaning he is an avid follower of the news. When asked if he had any hobbies, Aidan smiled and said, “Coffee.”

And the most satisfying part of his work for Seton? “That comes from speaking to parents or students by phone, or communicating by email, and helping them work through some concept that has confused them. When they finally understand, it brings a smile to my face. It’s a very gratifying sensation.”

Aidan encourages students, particularly those studying history, to look hard for answers to questions asked by their text before phoning Seton for help. Most often, when students call with this kind of question, they have overlooked the answer either in the textbook or in the lesson plans.

“I’m very happy to be here and to be a resource for students,” Aidan says, leaning back in his chair. Asked if he has any general advice for young people, he thinks a moment and then says, “I encourage students to be looking into things, asking the deep questions, and getting the most out of your education.”

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