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Seton’s Peter Young Wins Christendom’s Padre Pio Scholarship


Peter’s Seton education helped him write a complete, organized, well-thought-out essay that helped him win a full-tuition scholarship.

This year, Christendom College awarded three full-tuition scholarships to academically excellent students judged on their performance
in an on-campus interview and essay contest.

Because of Seton’s strong writing courses, I had the skills and confidence to write an essay while participating in Christendom’s Padre Pio Full-Tuition Scholarship Competition this past April. In the first part of the competition, we had fifty minutes to write an essay in response to a prompt based on a text they had sent in advance.

During the first half, I crafted an outline and fleshed out some ideas before writing, which felt natural after Seton’s strong emphasis on the importance of an outline throughout the years.

When I finished, I knew that I had written a complete, organized, well-thought-out essay that addressed the prompt. While the essay was just one component of the competition, it no doubt played a key part in my winning one of the three full-tuition scholarships.

The Seton Effect

Seton has profoundly impacted my life as a Catholic and as a student. Throughout the thirteen years of my intellectual formation through Seton, I have received a unique, rigorous, and thoroughly Catholic education for which I am very grateful.

In particular, the solid theology courses and the Catholic culture of the curriculum have helped me strengthen and appreciate my Catholic Faith. I have also learned how to appreciate good literature, read and think analytically, and write well-organized and thoughtful essays through Seton.

I have also benefitted from being a part of the Catholic Harbor community. Since it opened over four years ago, I have enjoyed conversing with fellow students from all over the world and have developed a love of debate.

I have also had the opportunity to serve in leadership positions on Catholic Harbor as the first Seton Chess Club President and as one of the student moderators of the site.

I am very much looking forward to attending Christendom this fall. While at Christendom, I will dive deeper into History, English, and Theology while learning new disciplines such as Philosophy and Political Science.

I hope to deepen the reading, writing, and thinking skills that I built up over the years as a Seton student. I also look forward to participating in campus activities, such as debates, swing dances, and spiritual life activities.

About Peter Young

Peter Young
Peter Young is from northern Virginia, the youngest of three children, and has homeschooled with Seton since Kindergarten. A National Merit Commended student, Peter was chosen to be one of the two student speakers at Seton's 2022 graduation.

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