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Staff Series

Staff Series: Kaylie Schloemer – Graphics Designer


Graphic design wasn’t part of Kaylie’s plan but when she dove into the world of art, she thought how cool it would be to design books. The rest is history.

After completing my degree in graphic design at James Madison University, I searched for opportunities in book design. Seton offered me the ideal job.

It’s funny looking back; I was so nervous, but I’ve never felt so welcomed or loved a job more. I enjoy my work and take pride in contributing to children’s education within the homeschooling and Catholic communities, which hold a special place in my heart.

I come from a traditional Catholic family, right down to our size. I have seven siblings, and we’re very close. Part of the reason for our closeness is that we were homeschooled.

Family Influences

My parents have been a massive influence on why I do what I do. Mom introduced us to art at a young age – some of my earliest memories involve painting and drawing at our kitchen table with her. As for Dad, you might not see his creative side as often, but he’s been known to build a dragon or two when it snows enough.

Staff Series

I feel fortunate to have been homeschooled; the experience was incredible. My mom was an amazing teacher, especially when explaining math and helping with Latin. Homeschooling’s flexibility allowed me to go at my own pace, explore my interests, and have the freedom to pursue those interests.

Homeschooling taught me to learn and comprehend much faster than most traditional education systems. I was reading books at 13 that most kids wouldn’t even consider touching for another three years – classics like The Odyssey and Paradise Lost.

The Nudge

Staff Series

Graphic design wasn’t initially part of the plan. What truly nudged me toward it was my Uncle Eric. He pursued art in school and is one of the kindest and most talented men I’ve ever met. I wanted to be like him, diving headfirst into the world of art. From there, I loved reading, so I thought how cool it would be to design books. The rest is history.

I like experimenting with various illustration styles. I’ve dabbled in comic book illustration, line art, and realism and found the Chibi art style particularly fascinating. It’s a playful and simplified form that makes emphasizing basic shapes and composition a breeze. Working with Chibi illustrations has been loads of fun for me, and they’re perfect for creating stickers, hence my collection of chibi saint stickers.

Staff Series

The best part of my work at Seton is knowing it’s being used for something good. I love God, I love books, and I love art. This job combines all three. What’s not to like?

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