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The Excitement Builds…2023 Curriculum Updates


New books and courses, colorized lesson plans, and new music videos for songs in Seton’s “We Sing and Praise” music series for Grades 2-8.

Curriculum updatesHelping parents provide the very best Catholic education for their students is a heavy responsibility for us at Seton. Perfecting our courses and ensuring parents and students receive the best quality materials is how we live out our mission.

Seton offers over 200 courses in Pre-K through 12, so some courses always need improvement each year. We coordinate the changes each year to come out simultaneously, a few months before the traditional school year.

Unless otherwise stated, all changes are releasing June 1. Ideally, parents should start their applications on June 1 or later to ensure they receive the updated courses.

While I will break down the changes by grade level, two changes encompass many courses. First is our project to colorize and improve formatting for all the default elementary and junior high courses. We started this project two years ago and are now approaching completion.

Curriculum updatesWe Sing and Praise Music Videos

The second significant change concerns the music program for Grades 2-8. Admittedly, music is not Seton’s strongest area. Parents often have students take private music lessons to learn an instrument or otherwise have their own plans for music instruction, so our Seton courses have been less high a priority.

Seton has always provided the traditional We Sing and Praise Music series for Catholic Schools, but our most frequent request is for recordings of what the songs should sound like.

Sheet music is of limited benefit if parents need to become more familiar with reading music or do not have instruments available to demonstrate.

Technology has made the music available now without having to hire an orchestra.

Seton is now providing videos of each song in the music books, but the real beauty is that the videos show the notes being played, and the notes on the screen light up when their sound is being played to help students follow the musical notation and distinguish parts when there are harmonies.

These videos are available for each course that uses one of the We Sing and Praise series, that is, Grades 2-8. You will find the music videos in your MySeton course resources.

Curriculum updates

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Draper Warren is the Director of Admissions and Conferences at Seton Home Study School and the Administrator of Catholic Harbor. He is a Seton alumnus, a graduate of Christendom College, and is currently completing an M.B.A. degree.
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