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We are Called to Lead Our Family Prayerfully


Dr. Clark shares how the Holy Family’s Flight to Egypt helps us reflect on our own home schooling family, and how we parents should proceed.

These words from Dr. Clark in December 2017 bear revisiting.

Shortly after Jesus was born, an angel appeared to Joseph in his sleep, warning him that the Baby Jesus was in grave danger. The angel said that the evil King Herod, fearing that a young boy would someday take over his throne, was sending his soldiers to murder all little boys who were two years old or younger in the land.

To protect Jesus, the angel told Joseph that he must leave Bethlehem in the dark of night. He was told to immediately rise from his bed and take Mary and Jesus to safety in Egypt. Many believe that another angel was sent to Joseph to help him along on the dark journey. The little Holy Family would follow the angel down the unfamiliar path, with just enough light provided by the angel.

Model of Quick Action

Joseph instantaneously responded to Heaven’s command to protect his Child. Joseph understood that his Holy Child would sacrifice His life for the salvation of men and women throughout time. Joseph knew that Jesus was destined to open the very gates of Heaven, bringing many people to eternal happiness. Joseph knew that his Holy Child would save men from their sins, and that the love of God would pour forth upon the Earth as a manifestation of His incomprehensible mercy.

Joseph followed the path of sacrifice for His Son. He rose in the middle of the night, helped Mary wrap Baby Jesus in warm clothes, hoisted them upon the back of his donkey, and, pulling them behind him, began the long, cold, and dark journey to a new, warm, sunny, and peaceful land promised by the angel.

For several years, Joseph and Mary raised Jesus in safety, in the once foreign land of Egypt, living the quiet life of a carpenter’s family. The Holy Family also helped their new neighbors to learn about Revelation. They helped their neighbors to reject the practices of a pagan society.

Called to Lead

They surely helped other families to learn about God’s love for them and His concern for their sufferings.

Through prayer, some parents have come to believe that they must take on the responsibility to protect and to educate their children through Catholic homeschooling. For some, perhaps it seemed like the dark of night when they made that decision. Perhaps they sensed that while Herod tried to take children’s lives, modern-day Herods are trying to take their children’s souls. But like Saint Joseph, they have responded, in effect: “Not on my watch.”

Though their decisions may have been obvious, that doesn’t make their decisions any easier. Homeschooling parents often take a path without the help or support of family members or friends, and often without the certainty of a well-traveled route. So these parents pray to their children’s guardian angels for help—for the spiritual guidance to make the best decisions for their children. And so, they walk by faith, leading their children along the way.

Discerning Our Direction

The Holy Family’s Flight to Egypt causes us to reflect on the events of our own home schooling family, and how we parents should proceed. Whereas the protection of his family led Saint Joseph away from home, the protection of our own families leads us back home.

St. Joseph, during this Christmas season, help us to realize the importance of being strong and dedicated parents. Help us to affectionately devote our lives to helping our children save their souls by learning the Faith. Help our children to recognize the spiritual value of learning about God’s love.

St. Joseph, help our children to realize that by following the teachings of their parents, by being obedient and studying their Catholic home schooling lessons, like the Holy Family, they will be protected from the dangers of our society. St. Joseph, help our children to lead our society as educated, practicing Catholics who want our country to be the Christian nation it is called to be. And to become the men and women that we all are called to be.

About Dr. Mary Kay Clark

Director of Seton for more than 25 years. Dr. Clark left Mater Dei Academy and began teaching her children at home at seeing firsthand the opportunities and the pitfalls of private schooling. Meet Dr. Clark | See her book
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