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What's New at Seton Home Study School -Christine Smitha

What’s New at Seton Home Study School


There are many wonderful projects on tap, including more online courses, at Seton Home Study School, all of which we hope you find as exciting as we do.

More Online Courses

Last year in 2016, Seton began launching all-new online courses. Many students have already started participating in the online program, and we’ve been thrilled by the very positive response we’ve had from these students so far!

We are grateful for all the helpful feedback we have received from parents and students who have participated in the three initial course offerings: Economics, American Government, and Computer Programming. This feedback has proven incredibly helpful to us as we prepare the next batch of online courses for release.

Looking forward into 2017, Seton is working towards a robust release of courses across all high school grade levels. The next course slated for public availability is English 9. The online edition of the course follows the same academic model as the existing print course, but seamlessly integrates videos, helpful resources, and interactive exercises to help engage the students and allow them to more easily master the content.

Families currently enrolled in the print edition of the course will soon receive email invitations allowing them the opportunity to participate in the online program for the remainder of their school year.

Many other courses are in development, so stay tuned to the Seton Magazine for news about these upcoming online offerings!

A New English 5

At the elementary level, we’re preparing to publish a new edition of English 5 for Young Catholics.

In 2009, Seton’s curriculum department undertook the project of revising the elementary English text-workbooks. With the publication of English 5 for Young Catholics this spring, the project will be completed. In this new edition, the rules of grammar, capitalization, and punctuation have been easily identified for the student.

Explanations are clearer and reinforced by examples. Throughout the lessons, sentence diagrams are a visual presentation that show the functions of words in sentences.

Charts make memorization easy. More white space on the page enables better focusing, while formatting transitions to what students will see in grades 6 through 8. Sequencing of chapters and topics follows suit with grades 4 through 8, so students who have been enrolled with Seton year after year can appreciate the continuity of terminology and format.

A New Guidance Counselor

High school level developments are particularly exciting.

There is a new counselor at the helm in the guidance department. Many of you may know Mr. Nicholas Marmalejo from the history department, and we’re thrilled to announce that he has agreed to take over the high-school guidance department. He is ready, willing, and able to help high school students with all their academic planning needs.

A history major, Nicholas graduated from Christendom College in 2001. He holds a Virginia Teacher Certification and lives in the Shenandoah Valley with his wife and three children.

Two Novels Republished

At the middle school level, Seton Press is pleased to be publishing our own editions of two of our families’ favorite book report novels.

This means that in the summer of 2017, you will be seeing brand new editions of Men of Iron and Outlaws of Ravenhurst at Seton Educational Media.

Look to add these great stories to your collection in the near future.

High School Magazine in Print

Finally, the Bayley Bulletin, the magazine by and for Seton’s high school students, is coming to a mailbox near you. After the rousing success of our digital trial in 2016, we are delighted to be printing and mailing this teen quarterly to all our high school students.

The Bayley Bulletin is an incredible testament to the talents, creativity, and hard work of Seton’s high schoolers, who provide roughly 90% of the content published in the Bayley Bulletin. These students should be proud of their work, and we are proud to be able to share it with our families.

See more articles and information online at bayleybulletin.com

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