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Why Christa Zwicker Recommends Seat of Wisdom


First-year student Christa Zwicker explains why a Seton Home Study education is an invaluable preparation for Our Lady Seat of Wisdom.

My first-year experience at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College has been anything but dull thus far.

As I reflect upon my first semester of studies here in the little town of Barry’s Bay, I realize just how blessed I am to have come to a place of such life, devoted Catholicism, and academic excellence.
Living in residence with eight other female students, just a few steps from beautiful Kamaniskeg Lake, I have learned first-hand the joys of home and campus life.

Whether those joys be through the college’s many student-run events, late-night shenanigans with my housemates, which continue into the wee hours of the morning, or spontaneous jumps into the lake, which continue even now as it freezes over!

There is order and faith in all we do as students at the college: an academic and clean environment is maintained through specific rules and chores, and many opportunities are provided to us which benefit our spiritual lives, such as the chance to attend daily morning Mass at the parish, to pray compline together with our houses, and much more.

The academics at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College are challenging.

As a student who came to college just after graduating high school, the shift for me was a major one: here, teachers grade harder, there are new standards to meet, and things are more fast-paced.

However, this is a natural progression from high school to college, one most students must experience in post-secondary studies.

Why Seat of Wisdom?

As students, we can only achieve excellence if pushed beyond our limits. However, few high schools today push students to greatness.

This is also why an education such as the one that Seton Home Study School offers is valuable for preparing students to enter post-secondary studies, especially if they plan on attending a college like Seat of Wisdom.

I received a classical, liberal arts education in high school. While I did not attend Seton, I can attest to the utility of a rigorous high school academic preparation for my first semester at college.

Consider, for example, certain things that Seton offers, such as studying the ancient and classical world and learning Latin. These studies greatly benefit a student at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College who aims to concentrate in a related field, such as Classical & Early Christian Studies.

In this concentration, we can study the Classical world’s transformation from a pagan to a Christian society in the centuries following Christ’s coming.

Students study Classical texts in Latin, the original language of their creation, and take history courses introducing them to the environments in which these texts were written. This program is one example of the many unique studies offered by Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College, for which a Seton student would be prepared.

My Recommendation

The missions of Seton Home Study School and Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College are the same. Both institutions strive to provide a valuable education that is coherent and in accord with the truths of the Catholic faith.

As a first-year student at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College, I highly recommend Seat of Wisdom to the Seton student!

The education you are currently receiving is a valuable one. Cherish it. Nurture it. Moreover, consider extending it. An education at an institution such as Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College would continue the education you have already received and would prove invaluable academically and in life in general.

About Christa Zwicker

Christa Zwicker
Ms. Christa Zwicker is one of Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College’s two Student Writers. Christa is a 1st-year student at Seat of Wisdom College.

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