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Your Questions Answered on Grading, Teaching, and Transcripts


Seton Academic Counselors have answers on expedited grading, offer counsel on struggling readers, and explain how to get a transcript.

How long does it take for Seton to grade my student’s work?

Seton grades assignments in the order they are received. Allow two weeks for grading under normal circumstances. During peak grading season (May-July), it may take longer. You can speed things up by submitting assignments as soon as they are completed rather than at the end of the year. –Theresa English, Academic Counselor.

I need my student’s grades quickly. Can I order rush grading?

Yes. The fee is $25 per course per quarter. So, if you need 3rd and 4th quarters for both English 10 and Geometry graded, for example, you will pay $100. To order a rush on high school grading, contact Rhonda Way at rway@setonhome.org.

If you need to place an order for rush elementary (K-8) grading, contact Jacinta Black at jblack@setonhome.org. The fee for rushing K-8th grading is $25 per quarter only. So, if you need any number of courses graded for the 3rd and 4th quarters, you will pay $50. Rush grading guarantees you will have the work graded within 2-3 business days. –Theresa English, Academic Counselor.

I am struggling to teach my daughter to read. We have almost finished first grade and plan to continue reading through the summer. What else can I do?

Generally, students do not read fluently until the end of second grade. It takes a few years of practice and incrementally advancing phonics lessons before reading “clicks” for students. I have taught my eight children with Seton’s program and have been amazed every time to witness the process. You think they won’t get it, that maybe it isn’t working, but then it clicks seemingly all at once. After that, reading is far less of a struggle and much more enjoyable.

If you stick with Seton’s lessons, your student will learn to read by moving at the pace set out for them. Also, reading through the summer with your student is a great idea to keep concepts fresh in her mind. Choose books that appeal to her curiosity and interests. This will help encourage her to read willingly. No worries, though. You’ve got this. It just takes time. –Heather Hibl, Elementary Counselor

How do I order my student’s grade report or transcript?

Grade reports are issued for pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade upon request. Once all of your student’s required work has been submitted and graded, contact Jacinta Black at jblack@setonhome.org to request an official grade report.

You can always print an unofficial grade report from your student’s MySeton page by going to the “Courses” tab and clicking on the grade report icon. This icon looks like a printer and can be found above the course list.

High school transcripts are issued for students by our records office. Once all required assignments have been submitted and graded, please contact transcripts@setonhome.org to request an official copy of your student’s transcript. There is a small fee.

An unofficial cumulative grade report, similar to a transcript, can be printed from his/her MySeton page. Click on the “Courses” tab and then on the records icons. The icon looks like a test and is located above the list of courses. For any question regarding your student’s records, please contact records@setonhome.org.
–Theresa English, Academic Counselor.

Can Seton fill out a letter of recommendation for my student?

Yes. Please send your requests and any forms to counselors@setonhome.org.

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