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Your Questions Answered – What if We’re not Finished by June?


Not finished by June? No worries! Can students retake a test Yes! Authenticate documents with an apostille? Absolutely! Read on for more…

What if we’re not finished by June?

There is no need to worry about finishing within the typical school calendar year. If your students are not finished by June, feel free to have them continue to work over the summer to finish.

When families enroll, they have 12 months (plus a two-month grace period) to complete all school work.

Focus on what you’re required to do, listed on MySeton’s courses page as “Graded by Seton.”

If your students need help with their assignments or need good study strategies to finish their work, our Counseling Department is happy to help!

Feel free to call, email, or live chat for assistance. Each student has their own learning style and pace, so it’s okay if students need extra time to finish their work.

Amy Nutt, Academic Counselor

Can students retake or resubmit a test or writing assignment to improve their grades?

Yes, every Seton student is allowed one redo on any test or writing assignment in any course. Students can upload the revised test responses or essays the same way they first uploaded them on MySeton.

In elementary grades, the redo grade is given as the final grade.

In high school, the final grade for the assignment is the average of the initial grade plus the redo grade (For example; initial grade: 80, redo grade: 100, final grade: 90). If the first submission is given an Incomplete, this does not count as a grade because an Incomplete is not a grade. Therefore, the student can still submit a redo after getting a grade for the second attempt.

For example, if a student receives an Incomplete (1st submission) on a book analysis, the student then revises the assignment, resubmits it, and receives a B (2nd submission). Since the first submission was Incomplete, they can still revise and resubmit the assignment a third time to improve the grade.

In short, each student is allowed two graded attempts. An Incomplete does not count as a graded attempt.

Note: Which questions a student can redo on a test can vary depending on whether it was comprised of true/false or multiple choice questions. If you are redoing a test with multiple choice or true/false questions, reach out to Academic Counseling (counselors@setonhome.org) or Grading (grading@setonhome.org) to confirm which test questions can be redone.

Sean O’Connor, Academic Counselor

We are working on 4th grade History. The fourth quarter covers State History, but we live outside the United States. What should we do?

For families who live outside the U.S., the State History portion of the course can be modified for your country and region. Feel free to study your national flower, bird, animal, geographic divisions, and any local traditions in your region.

The fourth quarter History test is a state history test. Please adapt it to your region. Instead of the listed terminology in Section A (state, province, chief executive, mayor, etc.), you may cross out these terms and write in the appropriate terminology. Once the test has been completed, please grade Section A, then upload the test to MySeton.

Seton will grade Section B of the test. The information for Section B of the test is located in the Fourth Quarter of the Lesson Plan.

For the fourth quarter field trip assignment, pick a place of historical, religious, or cultural interest in your area or region. For the field trip, feel free to visit this place in person, take an online tour (if available), or research and read about it in a book or online. Then your student should write a short, simple paragraph on what was learned about that place. The paragraph may be submitted for the “Fourth Quarter Field Trip(s) Report” assignment when completed.

Christina Nutt, Academic Counselor

We are an International family. How do I get my child’s documents authenticated with an apostille?

As the Seton Registrar, I can help our foreign students acquire an apostille, a certificate that authenticates Seton’s notary signature on a grade report or transcript for use in another country.

Because Seton has so many international students, I help many families with their apostille. We will work together through the Commonwealth of Virginia on this process, which usually takes 5 to 7 weeks.

Start by contacting me with your request. I will send you a questionnaire that asks who officially requests the documents, what address to send the authenticated documents to, and whether you want your documents in English or Spanish. I will also send a copy of the documents you want to be authenticated for your approval.

After you confirm those documents, I will let you know the total cost, and after payment is received, I will start the process.

International addresses are sent via DHL; if in the U.S., they are sent via USPS. I’ll supply you with a tracking number in either case.

It is best to email me at records@setonhome.org or you can call 540-636-1324 ext. 255.

I look forward to working with you.

Betty Showers, Seton Registrar


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