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Alumna Profile Sophia Surina


At Belmont Abbey’s Honors College, Sophia discovered an incredible, loving community that aims to help you succeed in this world and the next.

Hello, my name is Sophia Surina. I am an accounting major with a minor in Great Books. I am the president of the Yarn and Thread Club, a member of the Accounting Technology and Data Honor Society, a member of the Honors College, and an active participant in a FOCUS-led Bible study. I expect to graduate from Belmont Abbey in 2027.

Finding the Right Fit

As my sister entered her second year of college, my aunt told her about Belmont Abbey. After learning about the school, my sister was intrigued and decided to apply. Upon being accepted, she immediately transferred.

When my sister first entered the Abbey, I had no interest in going there. I had fallen into the trap of planning my life in almost every respect, including the college I would attend. Since I thought my plan was the best plan, I rejected any new prospects that interfered with it; thus, Belmont Abbey was off my radar.

However, as my sister began her semester, she often called and discussed the people, the atmosphere, and the faith community. Through her stories, I began to fall in love with the Abbey. I eventually realized that the Abbey would provide me with something that a normal state school could never: a lasting community that builds you up rather than breaks you down and a community of friends that seek a similar object, a life centered in Christ.

This was something I could not pass up. I soon realized that what I thought I wanted was not what I really wanted. In fact, this desire to plan everything nearly blinded me to something far greater.

Falling in Love with the Abbey

My time at Belmont Abbey has been wonderful. Once I decided to join the Abbey, my sister told me about the Honors College, which piqued my interest. I have always wanted to learn more about the Great Books, and this was my opportunity to do so.

The Honors College provides a loving community that aims to help you succeed in this world and the next.

In addition to the incredible community, I love the Honors College’s seminar-style classes Instructors pose questions that allow us to think through each concept and have a stronger and fuller understanding of it.

Each question challenges us, which, in turn, helps strengthen us. Through our discussions, we can grow in excellence and virtue.

How Seton Prepared Me For College Life

Due to Seton’s education, the transition into college was far smoother than I expected. Seton’s rigorous reading and writing curriculum has helped pave the way for my literature journey at Belmont Abbey. I will forever be grateful to Seton and the strong foundation they have helped me establish and I look forward to my future studies here at Belmont Abbey.

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