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Moored in Malta

The McWilliam family was featured in the January, 2013 issue of Seton Magazine, in which we got to hear about their adventures homeschooling on the high seas.  This summer, the McWilliams are back on the water and happy to share some of their latest experiences.  Check our Contributing Writers column for more updates to their story in the coming weeks.

Journal Entry, June 3rd, 2013

Hello! We are still in Malta, but no longer on the hard (sitting on dry land)!

We launched on Wednesday, May 29, and are now moored on the Yard’s pontoon. Once in the water we have been able to get the refrigeration up and running, and the water maker working. Our Lifeline batteries weren’t holding their charge, so with very prompt response and advice from Lifeline via email, Chay has equalized them twice now and they appear to be operating properly. We were surprised that they advised to equalize them every other day until they hold their charge, but it seems to be working!

Chay’s learned the art of splicing as he made new dinghy davit lines by eye-splicing double braided rope – he has an even greater appreciation of our friend Andrew on Nueva Vida, who made us new lazy jack lines for our sail several years ago, now that he has experienced the frustration and challenge of this boat task!

We have had the opportunity to attend Mass the past 3 Sundays at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church – a Salesian-run parish here in Malta. It is always interesting to experience the local personality of the Catholic Church in each of the countries we visit, while at the same time enjoying the universality of the Church – the same, yet unique.

While here, Chay enjoyed reading his Christmas gift from Katie – Angels in Iron, by Nicholas C. Prata, an historical novel about how the Christian Knights of St. John Hospitallers defended the tiny island of Malta against the Turks (Moslems) in 1565. Although significantly outnumbered, their heroic defense against the Turkish invasion is what saved Christendom and permanently stunted the Moslem advance on Europe. According to Chay, it is a “must read!”

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We tried a local soda pop – Kinnie – yup, that’s all we have to say about that….

Today we will make the 15 mile trip to Gozo Island, just northwest of the main island of Malta, to check out of Malta, and if the weather forecast holds, we will depart on Thursday for Tunisia with easterly winds (that’s the best, yet unusual for this part of the world, direction for our westerly passage) and have a planned arrival in Monastir, Tunisia on Friday, June 7th.

About the McWilliams’

The Mcwilliams Family on top of St Peters

A Seton Home Study School family, Chay, Katie, and their son, Jamie McWilliam have been cruising the world since 2003 on their 46 foot sailboat, Esprit. Jamie has known the seas since he was six.

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